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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Sun, Jan 16, 2011  
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Happiness is not as elusive as you think. It lies deep inside you. You are sure to find happiness if you stop expecting too much from life. Simplify your life and start living your passions. Do in life what makes you happy. It is very important to know that happiness is not necessarily something you need to find. It is lying all around you and also inside you. Just keep your heart open to it and it will definitely find you out.

What ever you do in life do it with your own focus and discipline. Give your hundred per cent in what ever you do be it painting, writing or even cooking. First know what you want from life. Focus will not restrict you, but will rather liberate you. Happiness is a very positive vibration that will make your feet dance. Don’t leave anything in between. Enjoy it and put in all your heart and soul into it. The rich package of focus, discipline and commitment should be made part of your mental estate.

Going with the flow is another name for going with happiness. So go with the flow in doing all good and meaningful things. It’s called a flow experience which is another name for happiness. The good and meaningful things may appear to be meaningless to others, but it should be meaningful to you. Stop desiring for materialistic things. To go on craving for materialistic things is like staying in a constant state of deprivation and poverty. Once you feel that you have everything in life is like staying in a mental state of abundance and prosperity.

Identify happiness in small things like having a blissfully creamy cup of cold coffee with your partner. To me happiness is as simple as reading a favourite book with a bowl of mint and choco- chip ice-cream on a hot blistering day. A smiling happy face when my son gets down from the school bus and says, ‘school was fun mama’ makes me happy. Happiness is a moment without conditions attached. Being happy here and now and enjoying the moment for what it is. It is also being around friends and family and making them happy. Do not let small, mundane issues stress you out. There was a time when I was obsessive about small things in life. I used to repent over al lot of things, but my yoga instructor taught me to be positive in life. I am no more stressed out in life. I am happy nine out of ten days. I am making it my lifestyle to always be happy.

Psychologist Anjali Chabria says, “I have noticed women today are happier than men. This is primarily because they go with their heart. They derive a lot of happiness from within themselves. They don’t have to seek it from external sources like men do. Women who have autonomy and are free to make their choices are probably happier than men primarily because those choices have been fought for and won after very recent battles.” For a 25-year –old journalist friend of mine, Rakhee Singh, happiness means meeting her deadlines and at the end of the day being responsible for herself.

Happiness comes with self- purification. So purify your mind and body, eat healthy food, sleep early and wake up early. Walk at dawn. Do some exercise that will purify your mind and body like yoga. Make the best of all situations particularly bad situations. It does not take diamonds, a swanky car or a beach house to make a woman happy. Small things in life can make you happy. Remember happiness is not something that will come immediately. It is a  journey!


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