Exploring alternative modes of teaching learning

Posted by priyadarshini sur on Mon, Jan 17, 2011  
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Exploring Alternative Modes of Teaching Learning


The veracity of the Chinese saying” Tell me: and I will forget; Show me: and I may remember; involve me:and I will understand” is nowhere better illustrated than in practising e-learning because it is learner centric.. Interestingly, heterogeneity amongst learners is positively addressed by this self learning mode because the learner can adjust the pace of his/her learning according to his/her ability and time at hand.


The teaching learning process can become more effective and viable with the user of new technologies. While creating e-content it is important to move away from the oft beaten path and address issues through a methodology that will be innovative and effective. It is challenging to develop content that will engage a student who has the option of rejecting it by simply shutting down the computer. It has to be effective since there will be no teacher to help students understand the rules and applications of English grammar.


E-content unlike traditional teaching is conducted in a process which is less controlled and the attention span of the learner is neither visible nor presumed. The learner has the freedom to learn at his/ her own pace and decides the course and direction his learning process will take. This may benefit those students who are misfits in a heterogeneous group of language learners where in the levels in students may vary from basic to advanced.


E-lessons are more interactive and the interface between the learner and the instructor is minimal yet stronger. The feedback in E-lessons is immediate and the learner has access to explanations for every right/ wrong answer. This gives him more confidence and is therefore more eager to continue. E-lessons are also more dynamic in nature as both audio and visual mediums are effectively used.


E-learning in education is extremely important as it is the only method through which we can reach out to a large number of students. In the present day education system in India, one is not able to provide a good student teacher ratio .In face- to- face learning ,a student can never really” go back “ to the classroom: at best s\he can indulge in a discussion with friends or rely on peer notes. The greatest contribution of e-learning is the possibility of “knowledge retrieval”. The student can read ,listen or see the lecture again and again.


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