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Posted by Maitri Sheth on Fri, Apr 1, 2022  
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In today’s world people are struggling with obesity which in turn Is leading to many health complications like Heart diseases, Cancer, Diabetes, Thyroid, PCOS, PCOD, Cholesterol, Hypertension and many more. Especially after the pandemic obesity ratio among people has increased a lot. So, people have started following various types of diets like paleo keto, intermittent fasting just to lose weight thinking it will help them. But the main point is to lose fat which is the main contributing factor for Health complication.


In weight loss you loose water as well as skeletal mass. But loosing skeletal mass is not good as you lose your muscle mass. Loosing muscle mass can lead to weakness, tiredness, lethargy, makes you look pale. On the other hand, loosing fat is the main goal how can it be determined by loosing inches like the inches in arms, thighs, calf, belly waist etc, or even moving from XXL to L. So, one should pay concentration not only on the weighing scale but also on the inches. Water loss and fat loss is good but loosing muscle mass is not good. For this fat to lose correct diet based on the individual’s height, weight, BMI and medical condition should be given. Crash diets can have serious problems in the future.


Fat loss also helps to reduce cholesterol levels, reduced blood sugar levels, improves stamina, makes you feel light healthy good. How the fat loss can be achieved by increasing the Basal Metabolic rate.


Basal Metabolic rate on the other hand can be achieved by giving a diet with complex carbohydrate. Good fat and increase protein intake. An example to demonstrate the difference between healthy diet with healthy fat loss and a crash diet with weight loss. There were two girls one was Rena her age was 26 height 160 cm and weight 80 kg and the other one was Rohini her age was 26 Height 164 cm and weight 85 kg. Rena went to a dietitian and was given a correct diet which made her loose 3 kg a month she lost inches in her belly and arms and she was feeling good, energetic her skin was glowing on the other hand Rohini followed paleo diet on her own and lost 5 kg a month but felt tired, weak and pale. So, the above example clearly demonstrates that Rena lost weight, water and fat but Rohini had weight, water and muscle loss which made her feel week. Fat loss does take time but it is long lasting and healthy way to reach your goal.


So, people should not only focus on weight all the time but also on fat sometimes it will also occur that only inch loss would be seen weight would be stagnant but that’s nothing to be worried about as the progress will be seen and loosing fat is really good.


I would conclude by saying that eat healthy, exercise regularly, sleep well, reduce stress and increasing water intake would help you lead a Healthy life.


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