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Posted by dave poll on Wed, Mar 14, 2012  
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Why is the humble salt in the center of a storm recently and the whole of the medical world debating and discussing about it? A recent research on the cause and prevention of cardio vascular diseases, in a nutshell, suggests that the reduction in salt intake can lower the risks and fatality involved in cardio vascular diseases or CVD.

If you are health conscious this shouldn’t come as a surprise to you as the uncomfortable link between salt intake and the risk for CVD is a well known fact and that high level of sodium in the diet could lead to hypertension was an issue that was raised 100 years ago.

Can you add that spoonful of salt?

Thankfully you can. As always the experts on the issue are at loggerheads and cannot come to a conclusion that is accepted by everybody in the fraternity. A study by Stolarz-Skrzypek recently challenges the notion that higher level of salt is in no way detrimental or fatal, and that reduced intake of salt proved to be “ineffectual and useless”. This leaves the common man even more confused than before and, wondering what life could be like without salt!

Cardiology Speak

“Apart from cardiology medical billing which is certainly not for the weak hearted, it is the salt or no salt debate that takes up much of my time” confides Annette Austin a cardiologist based in LA. “The best option is to take the middle ground and abstain from processed and junk food without reducing the amount of salt in the diet as it again can lead to fatigue and mood swings” she adds.

Don’t lose heart

If you are a salt sensitive citizen and wondering what your diet should be like after all this furor, the best option would be to monitor your diet and salt consumption without obsessing over it. Try to reduce light eats such as fritters and crisps which are loaded with salt. If you have hypertension, don’t even think about fried and salty food. And, yes, if you are faint hearted, stop reading health updates in the first place, and, spend less time worrying about your health and more time on enjoying it. As far as following a healthy lifestyle goes, go by what your grandma would suggest. I am sure that one glance at today’s research papers and ground breaking revelations would only make her sigh softly and wonder what the whole fuss about!     

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