Does Left Side of your Body Trouble You More than the Right side?

Posted by Sunil Shroff on Sun, Jun 10, 2012  
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A year back I had randomly written a Medblog on this topic from my observation over the years of my patients.

Although not sure if this could be an entity that was worth exploring, I forgot about it  and recently re-visited it and saw some others sharing their thoughts and also some saying 'indeed yes' this was so in their case. Though not a huge response I felt encouraged to perhaps to give this a shape of online further research.

So how do we proceed with a concept that may just be a notion or a coincidence in my observation. I think numbers would help in building this research process so that it can be taken further.

Let us first get some numbers on some normal structural body differences too, as we move towards looking at the larger picture of ‘which side of the body is more prone to health problems – left or right.’

I have identified some simple online research topic – you could either join us here or do it yourself and share your results with us.

For this we need to define what areas are we looking at -

1.  Normal external body structures - being different on the two sides of a person- this is medically known but not studied in big numbers. So your contributions can add substance and prove or alter an already established research that may have been done with much smaller numbers.

2. Disease being more common on one side and if so which diseases - is there common set of health problems  that can happen more on one side of the body  then the other side.


For Body structures - let us look at size and shape of easily viewed organs -

1. Hand - example right handed people may have bigger Right hand than normal. But in these individuals if left side is bigger it is a significant finding

2. Fingers /thumb - similar size difference if noticeable

3. Arm

4. Nipples

5.  Body

6. Breasts in women

7. Testis in men - usually left testis hangs lower than righy. One side can be bigger also due to fluid called hydrocele


Diseases for example may include -

1. Kidney stones - left or right

2. Cancer of duplicate organs like breast, lungs, kidneys, testis

3. Do you sleep on left side or right

4. Brain disorders

and many more

If you wish to join this support or rather research group send us a mail at

Or put your thoughts in the comments section.



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