Diseases/Disorders and Stem Cell Therapy...

Posted by Asmita Pandey on Wed, Sep 8, 2021  
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Embryological development of every individual begins with these pluripotent stem cells whereby they multiply to form the three germ layers which give rise to all the body tissues. Considering them small particles doesn't call for an underestimation of their potential, because they contain an enormous information and can be used extensively for therapeutic purposes. 

The new technology promises to identify and even treat various delibitating conditions earlier with precision. 

Stem cell preservation and cultivation had been an area for research since their discovery was made. The transfer of suitable adult genetic material into Stem cells , works as instructions for these genius cells and results into the generation of desired cells/tissues. The therapy is indeed expensive and limited but, if, used vigilantly can help skip the ethical and financial issues. It is a boon!

Currently, the therapy is used for...

1. Regenerating body tissues and consequently into organs for autologous transplant. 

2. Effective treatment of leukemia and immune cell disorders. 

3. Neuronal injuries 

4. Osteocytic injuries, etc.

Stem cell therapy along with genetic modification is the next most promising way towards a healthier future .


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