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Posted by Anne Trueman on Tue, Mar 11, 2014  
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The advent of summer is synonymous with the arrival of delicious juicy mangoes. Mangoes are believed to have originated some 4,000 years ago and more than 1,000 varieties of the fruit are found across the world.


The ‘king of fruits’ has some wonderful and healthy benefits to offer.


Here is a list of some amazing fascinating benefits and few concerns and cautions.


Prevents Cancer:


The antioxidants present in mango are effective in safeguarding you from colon, leukemia, colon and prostate cancers.


These antioxidants consist of astraglin. fisetin, quercetin, isoquercitrin, methylgallat and gallic acid. Isn’t it a wonderful benefits of eating mangoes?


Lowers Cholesterol:


Mangoes contain high quantities of fiber. The high amount of fiber, vitamin C, and pectin aids in reducing cholesterol level particularly the LDL or low density lipoproteins in the body.


Clears the Skin:


Mangoes are among those few things that can be used both internally and externally to enhance the beauty of your delicate skin. Eating mango improves your digestion and keeps the appearance of skin eruptions at bay while applying mango face mask clears skin from blemishes and scars.


Eye Health:


Mangoes are good for your eye sight too besides being delicious for your taste. A cup of sliced mangoes caters to about 25 percent of the daily requirement of vitamin A. Another good reason for eating this delicious sweet fruit!


Alkalizes the Whole Body:


Due to the presence of malic acid, tartaric acid and a trace of citric acid in mangoes, the yummy fruit helps in maintaining the alkaline reserve of your body.


Improved Sex:


Besides vitamin A, vitamin E is also found in high amount in mangoes. This vitamin helps in enhancing your sex drive besides being a great remedy for skin ailments and hair issues.


Improves Digestion:


Mangoes like papayas are rich in enzymes responsible for improving digestion and metabolism. The natural fiber found in mangoes enhance digestion and metabolic waste removal.


Improves Immune system:


Mangoes contain vitamin C and 25 different kinds of carotenoids that boost immune system and keep it viable and healthy. 


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