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Curry leaves are an integral part of Indian cooking and one of the highly popular herbs used in India from time immemorial. Curry leaves are used in curries, soups, stews or we can say more generally in Indian culinary to add flavour to the food. Indian cooking, traditional or contemporary is incomplete without curry leaves.


Curry leaves-Quick facts


Curry leaves contain 60% of moisture and the rest of the 40% comprises of protein, fat, carbohydrate, dietary fibre and is a rich source of vitamin A and vitamin C and minerals such as calcium, phosphorus & iron.


Curry leaves-health facts-


  • Helps control diabetes: Diabetics are increasing in number in India. Research on curry leaves has shown that they control blood glucose levels.


  • Helps bring down LDL or bad cholesterol: The anti-oxidants present in curry leaves controls LDL or bad cholesterol and aid in increasing the HDL or good cholesterol.


  • Curry leaves being a rich source of Vitamin A, consumed in the form of chutney or powder promotes good eye sight.


  • Reduces the side effects of chemo and radiation therapy in cancer patients


  • Nullifies the effect of free radicals in the body


  • Works as a tonic within the body by promoting the digestive system and the digestive enzymes to break down food very easily


  • The greatest and good news is that chewing a few curry leaves every day help you lose weight


  • Curry leaves are also good for hair growth and colour and prevents premature greying.


Enjoy good health by including curry leaves in your daily diet.


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