Crisis with Cure

Posted by Sunil Shroff on Sun, Sep 5, 2010  
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Our planet Earth is in ‘crisis’ mode. Look at the recent floods, unseasonal rains, melting glaciers, heat wave in Europe etc., it is all so obvious and we are all still so oblivious, so impotent in our actions.

We are responsible for this crisis (over 6 billion of us).  Is there any cure for this crisis?

Maybe yes if we were all to do our bit,  maybe collectively we can  help by cutting down our carbon- footprints, cut down on our emission and utilization of the various energy sources.

So what can we do from our side. Plenty, but are we ready to sacrifice all our ‘excesses and indulgences’ probably not,  but  can we start off our own campaign in a very small way and make a firm resolution to sacrifice something very small and trivial daily from our life  - probably yes.

Practise that one ‘small thing’ that you will sacrifice daily, which will be your ‘thing;’ to try and save the planet. That one small resolution that is unlikely to change your quality of life. Just one little excess that you will give up daily or once in a week or at least once month. What is easily possible in your life without compromising to much on your  quality of life.  Make a start  and if you  succeed maybe you can make another small resolution and so on.

If all 6 billion take that small resolution maybe the Artics will stop melting, the birds will stop disappearing, the grass-hopper  will reemerge, the Ganges will not dry up, the oceans will not rise and so on. A small sacrifice that can yield global result  - provided WE ALL DO OUR LITTLE BIT. Provided we all keep that promise to ourselves and our future children.

What can we do in our daily lives, make your own list  and select one – the most easily doable one. 


This is my list -

 1. Walk to corner shops 

2. Drink one cup less coffee everyday

2. Take stairs instead of the escalator or lift

3. Take a cold shower instead of a hot one 

4. Eat ‘one bread’ less daily

5. Stop sending unnecessary e-mails

6. Switch off the computer  when not  in use or put them on power saving mode

7. Switch off the lights, fans or air-conditioners when  leaving  the room

8. Stop forwarding unnecessary sms’s to friends


The list is endless. So start off your list, share it with others, start your own mini revolution and save the planet. Share it with your friends

Internet is the greatest collective force we the common man have with us, forget the politician, forget the success or failure of the Copenhagen meet  – we can do it and they can fall in line as we go along. Let us this time lead from the front, let the politicians follow.

Use facebok, twitter or any other medium  - act now there is no tomorrow. 


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