Crime Against Women

Posted by Seema Nigar Alvi on Fri, Mar 25, 2011  
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Whenever I read a newspaper or watch news on television, an important thing I notice, is the rising number of crimes being committed against women.  Surprisingly the instances are more frequent in metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. Gone are the days, when these places were considered safe.

With advancement, probably we have build up an unsafe environment for the women. It is a universally recognized truism –“an affluent society tends to grow into a violent one”. The veracity of the statement is brought about by the situation prevalent in the country at present.

We are noticing a marked increase in the production and rise in per capita income. There is undoubtedly, an all round increase in affluence and prosperity. Along with this, there is also an increase in the crime and violence against women. There is an escalation of violence in its worst form against the fairer sex. Crimes like- chain- snatching, rape, molestation etc. are on tremendous rise. Wearing ornaments freely are simply out of question, as there are chances of falling susceptible prey to thieves. Women are teased and beleaguered by mischief- mongers as they go out of their houses.

I feel, it’s high time to take effective steps to put a check on this surmounting issue of female security. Healthy public opinion should be created against such undesirable criminal activities. Public awareness is required to the utmost. Films showing sex and violence should be strictly and vehemently censored. Hoardings depicting women as desirable objects should be severely discouraged and abandoned. We require the active and positive involvement of both the social and religious organizations against the misconduct meted out to feminine gender at large. The government should make sure that none found guilty of such crimes escape scot-free.  

Our women should have the courage to stand against such obnoxious activities and give a tough resistance. They should not meekly tolerate it. We require a firm stand, a rigid exterior and an attitude full of resistance against the crimes and violence that is meted out to women. It is bound to be a prolonged and intense fight, if the desired results are to be achieved. We need to be striving for it unless we establish safe for our women free of such malpractices and criminal activities. 



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