Covid-19 Causes Multitude of Health Issues and Symptoms

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Scientists are assessing the multitude of problems caused by the coronavirus, several of which can have lingering effects on patients and health systems for years to come according to communicable disease consultants.


Associated Symptoms

Apart from the respiratory problems that leave patients gasping for breath, the virus that causes COVID-19 attacks several organs, in some cases ending up in catastrophic results.


We thought this as solely a respiratory virus. Turns out, it goes after the liver, kidney, the brain, and other organs


In addition to respiratory distress, patients experience clotting disorders which in turn causes strokes and extreme inflammation that attacks multiple organ systems. 


The recuperation is slow, incomplete, and expensive, and has a considerable impact on the quality of life. The manifestations of COVID-19 are unique. 


With fluindividuals with underlying heart conditions also are at higher risk of complications, and what's shocking and concerning is the extent of damage it does to the other organs.


Lengthy Rehab


Patients who were put on a ventilator or were in intensive care will need extensive rehab to regain strength and mobility moving forward.


While a lot of focus was on the minority of patients who needed intensive treatment, doctors are increasingly looking at patients who were not serious enough to be hospitalized, but still suffering for months after getting infected.


Studies are underway to assess the long term effects of this virus. While coronavirus symptoms usually resolve in 2 or 3 weeks. One in ten experience prolonged symptoms.


If you cough unceasingly and are too exhausted to go back to work, or for that matter unable to do your routine workout regimen, then the concern that you simply could never regain your previous health is extremely real.


Most of the patients hospitalized with COVID-19 had complications, like vertigo, decreased alertness, problem concentrating, disorders of taste and smell, seizures, strokes, weakness, and muscle pain.


Stay Healthy, Stay Safe, Practice Social Distancing!


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