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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Thu, Sep 19, 2013  
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When you end up spending hours together on a computer for work, entertainment, internet surfing, working online, etc without realizing that there can be health troubles further down the road. You can get addicted to computers through social or gaming sites, wanting to spend more and more time online thus this hampers work, home chores and social engagement.


This sedentary life style can lead to obesity and weight gain. You obsessively check the same sites again and again; you have a tough time keeping yourself away from the computer. You go to bed late because you are addicted to surfing or social networking sites. You work also gets piled up and you end up having a severe headache. Head ache and body ache are the most common health complains that people suffer from because of over use of computer.


Eye strain is another complain that happens because of over use of computer. Tennis elbow, cervical problem happens when you have a wrong posture and when you maintain poor alignment for a very long period. It can also lead to numbness in the arms.


Sometimes our work culture compels us to sit for long hours in front of the computer. So it is advisable to use the correctly designed computer chair with maximum back support. Take frequent breaks, stand up, walk around, stretch and flex your joints and muscles.


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