Compulsory vocalization during Sex

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Mon, Feb 11, 2013  
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What is Compulsory Vocalization (CV) during love making? Well this is the scientific term used to describe the sounds made during sexual intercourse to express pleasure. Though men enjoy sex as much as women, but the whole sexy sound business of ‘ooohs’ and ‘aahs’ seems to be the prerogative women.


The study which was on the analysis of heterosexual women with an average age of 22, sought to identify whether Compulsory Vocalization (CV) during intercourse was triggered by orgasm or occurred independently.  Most of the women have to say that they reached the climax during foreplay itself.


Women moaning during love making also help the man to reach the climax say psychologists. Over 80 percent of the women reported they occasionally moaned and groaned during sex when they were not going to orgasm, but were timed just before or during the male partner’s ejaculation. So the point is women indulge in Compulsory Vocalization (CV) not to pretend or fake orgasm, but to help their partners achieve theirs. Women indulge in Compulsory Vocalization (CV) to make their partners feel good. Women believe that Compulsory Vocalization (CV) is what their male partners want. It is a sign that the women are having a good time and hence they are happy and contended.


The fact that men are turned on by women’s Compulsory Vocalization (CV) during sex is one that women are well aware of! Noisy Compulsory Vocalization (CV), at the end of the day, is no indicator of sexual prowess, either. It is not necessary that noisier you are on bed the happier you are. A silent lover can be enjoying the love making process as much as a noisy lover!

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