Cold Feet, and the Culprits

Posted by Krishna Bora on Fri, Nov 29, 2013  
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If your feet are always cold, around the year, you might have a serious heart and circulatory problem, not because your are cold generally. The reasons could be many, like smoking, drinking alcohol, high blood preassure, poor blood circulation, or even a heart disease. You need to consult a doctor to find out what exactly is your disorder causing you have cold feet, but as we care for our readers, here are some of the possible problems that you could be suffering with:


Foot Pain:

When your feet ache for a long time in a day, it is high time that you change your shoes. 80% of women say that their shoes hurt, hence you should not wear them. Our body is not designed to push limits in that way, hence it is suggested to keep it comfortable. High-heels or ill-fitting shoes are advised not to be worn.


Heel Pain:

Plantar fasciitis is one of the common causes of heel pain. This is inflammation where a long ligament attaches to the heel bone. The pain is at peak in the early mornings, post waking-up. Excessive exercise, arthritis, ill-fitting shoes can also cause heel-pain, and later cold feet.


Swollen Feet:

This is a temporary problem which is caused by standing for too long, or due to a long flight. This is a common problem for pregnant women. It could be a sign of serious medical condition is some cases. This could be because of poor circulation, problem with the lymphatic system, or a blood clot in the body. In case of serious swelling of feet, you should consult a doctor.


Pain in the Big Toe:

Gout is one of very irritating, and the cause could be sudden pain in the big toe joint. This is led with redness and swelling. This is majorly an ailment of the athletes, especially those whose sports deal with the hard surface. This is caused by an injury of the ligaments.


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