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We literally live in God’s own country what with all the religious institutions surrounding us. Ever noticed that once you enter a religious place, the entire space is maintained really well, the floor is clean, the walls are painted, the surroundings are kept clean and the citizens obediently maintain civic sense in such places but the minute you enter a public space everything goes haywire.

Notice the malls springing in the metros and smaller towns,  offering all the latest brands and full of consumerism but also notice the people littering the place, the abominable washrooms, the staircases having pan spit all over, the parking lots littered everywhere. This clearly indicates that the general population has no respect for public places and then we expect the government to do their duty but are we doing our bit? Have a look at the public transport and it’s visible to everyone how citizens think it’s their birthright to throw discarded water bottles, thrash all over the place.

What we need to do is have strict discipline in all the public spaces so that people would think twice before littering the place. Do people even realize, that outside their homes it’s even more important to keep the society clean so that we do not have to face the nuisance of mosquitoes, stench emanating from garbage, airborne diseases, resulting in the environment being  cleaner and healthier.

Educating people about basic hygiene and civic sense will go a long way in achieving a greener and cleaner environment. Children need to be educated about the importance of cleanliness and how their behavior would in turn benefit society.  Somewhere the parents are at fault if this is not happening, as ultimately the child emulates their parents. Even adults are unaware of their lack of civic sense since nobody has the time to correct these people.

We as citizens need to spare a thought for the workers who daily clean the garbage that we discard on the streets, in gardens, in public spaces. It is very insensitive of us as citizens to litter whatever places we visit knowing that someone else will clean our mess. We need to be more socially aware of our responsibilities to our society not just our homes. We go to extreme lengths to keep our homes clean and beautiful but somehow fail to apply the same love for our surroundings. It’s not the time to just think but an urgent need to act.

We owe it to our land, that we keep it clean because the earth is a beautiful place and we are just visitors ,so we have no right to leave it as a dustbin.

It’s a now or never situation…..Question yourself: Do you want a hygienic, unpolluted environment? Or you’re going to have to live with the polluted environment which is just going get worse as time passes by?  


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