Cataract and Homeopathy

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WHAT IS CATARACT? Any opacity that may occur in the lens or its capsule or both is called cataract.It is one of the commonest forms of interference with vision generally with the advancement of age.Some cases of congenital cataract have also been noticed where there is a history of German measles during the first three months of pregnancy.


CAUSES- The commonest causes of cataract are-- 1.Congenital(present at birth),which may be due to (a)Maternal malnutrition(b)Maternal infection esp.virus of German measles or rubella(c)Placental haemorrhage(d)Some allopathic Drugs during pregnancy(e.g. corticosteroids)2.Trauma 3.Diabetes Mellitus 4.Old age 5.Suppression of sweat 6.Suppression of skin ailments 7.Pyorrhoea 8.Neuro -dermatitis 9.Anorexia nervosa 10.X ray 11.Over heating 12.Eating too much salt and sugar 13.Drinking of hard water 14.Allergy


SYMPTOMPS-1.Gradual impairment of vision 2.Objects appear multiple 3.Rain bow haloes around light 4.Lense opacity can be seen consistent with the symptomps 5.Problems with visual activity in bright light or driving in night.


DO'S & DONT'S--Use ultra violet protecting glasses in sunny climates.Antioxidants(vitamin C,E & B2) are theoretically beneficial but not proven.


SOME IMPORTANT HOMOEOPATHIC REMEDY FOR CATARACT-AmmoniumCarb,KaliumCarb,NitricAcid,Sulphur,Euphrasia,Colchicum,Ammon Mur,Arnica,Conium,Ledum,Silicea,Lycopodium,Natrum Mur,Causticum Pulsatilla etc.


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