Build Healthy Food Habits - Remove Sugar Cravings In Your Child

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Sat, Dec 26, 2009  
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Most of the parents are of the idea that sugar in the form of sweets, candies and chocolates does nothing to the health of a child. Only adults have to be careful about their intake of various things like sugar, salt and fats. However it is far to the contrary and it is better to curb the child's craving for sugar when he is still young. Refined sugar products create the same ill-effects in children and make them prone to various serious diseases at a very young age.

Cravings for sweets and eating them could cause various damages in children. It could lead to toothdecay and chronic dental problems.Moreover eating too many sweets leads to increase of blood sugar and diabetes in young children.

I just read an article about health which says that giving sugar to a child should be moderated from childhood. It is also said that it is better to get a child used to various tastes as bitter, hot, salt etc early childhood. Sugar in the non-refined form like Gur or honey is much better than sugar in the refined form. It is advisable not to get your child get used to sweet taste. Some also contend that giving bittergourd in juice or mashed form is advisable at times to get used to the bitter taste also.


Children can be curtailed in their intake of sweets and chocolates in the first two years of life by giving them healthy substitutes like fruits, drydruits or using honey or Gur. It may however not practical to do it beyond this stage as children are exposed to others outside and are bound to do things their peers do. Also with playschool and birthday parties it may be difficult to control the consumption of sweets.

However it is possible for parents to create good habits in their children by being an example for them in their growing years. Besides, it is possible for parents to let their children mix with like-minded parent's children, those who wish to give their children a good foundation in life. Then birthday parties and social gatherings with different sweet dishes could be turned into healthy diet parties.This would in turn also help your children to have a better peer impact.

Hence dear parents I am sure you all care for the health of the star of your eyes and would agree with me that you owe it to your children to make a positive impact in their life and gift them a happy and healthy life.



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