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Bones are an important part of human body. They give structure, protect organs and store calcium. It is vital for everyone to maintain a proper bone health, or else they would suffer from osteoporosis later in life. An average women acquires most of the skeletal mass by the age of 20. Around the time of menopause there is decline of bone mass. So, it is important for young girls to manage a balanced bone weight.


Calcium is an important mineral found in bones. Sources of calcium are dairy products like milk, cheese and yogurt. Dark green leafy vegetables contain large amounts of calcium. Nuts like almonds contain calcium. Calcium is also found in calcium fortified fruits like orange juice, cereal, bread, soy etc. Some tips for a good bone health:


Choose calcium and vitamin D rich foods.


Even when you are at work have yogurt or milk.


Vegetables are a good source of nutrients. Mineral magnesium and vitamin K provides healthy bones. Leafy vegetables, beans, nuts and broccoli are good source of vitamin K and magnesium.


Use skim milk instead of water in cooking breakfast.


If you are an alcoholic, reduce alcohol intake. Alcohol reduces the ability to absorb nutrients from diet.


Walking is a good exercise that helps in bone health. Avoid using lifts when you can climb stairs.


could go against bone health. So, relax and take time for yourself.


A good night's sleep is essential for healthy bones. Sleep less than 6-8 hours could affect bone health.


A healthy body gives a healthy life. So, strive for a healthy life that makes a better person to your family and the society.


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