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Medically trained in India and Ireland as a physician, psychiatrist, and psychotherapist.Also trained in hypnosis.Developed own method of psychotherapy with meditation and imagery. In psychiatry since 19991 and psychotherapy since 1996.Expertise in helping clients come off and reduce psychiatric medications. My forte is treatment of PTSD, Addictions and psychosomatic conditions. Author of 3 books on Stress and Happiness.
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Post Traumatic Stress- Causes and Symptoms

One of the most undiagnosed conditions in mental health is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder  commonly called PTSD.   Any event or incident that is life threatening to a person or a life t...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Pradeep Kumar Chadha on Wed, May 25, 2011   (4505)

Depression Can Be Treated With Meditation

Depression is a condition that is characterized by a sense of 'feeling low' with reduced concentration, reduced energy and reduced ability to enjoy daily activities for at least two weeks. In simple ...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by Pradeep Kumar Chadha on Sun, May 22, 2011   (5988)

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