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BANNED DRUGS ("Very Important")

Please Read Very Carefully  - INFORM ALL YOUR FRIENDS & FAMILY MEMBERS India has become a dumping ground for  banned drugs;  also the business for production of banned drugs is ...Read More
facebook Posted by SyedIbrahimAzwar on Mon, Jan 25, 2010   (4854)

What is the importance of knowing the blood groups?

For all practical and routine purposes, it is ideal to transfuse to the patient the same group of blood which he belongs to. It is only under very dire emergency that we take O group as universal don...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by SyedIbrahimAzwar on Thu, Jul 30, 2009   (9319)

Can Pesticide Use Increase Birth Defects?

According to recent research by Winchester (2009), conceiving a baby in spring and early summer might increase the risk of various birth defects such as spina bifida, cleft palate, and Down syndro...Read More
facebook Twitter Posted by SyedIbrahimAzwar on Wed, Jul 15, 2009   (4186)

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