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Posted by Thelma Maria Simon on Wed, Feb 6, 2013  
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Eyes are the doors to the world. Vision is the most precious gift of God to man. The beauty of this world is not appreciated if one has no vision. But how many take care of the eyes carefully. Many are not aware of the importance of daily eye care.


It is necessary to always clean the eyes with tap water, provided the tap water is clean. Many people are in the habit of cleaning the eyes as the first thing every morning. It is very important as the dirt that accumulates at the corner of the eyes during sleep can cause infections if left unclean. It also gives a dirty picture to people who see the face.


With the growth of technology, people are glued to television and computers. Prolonged watching can be hazardous to the eyes as the rays from these can damage the eyes very easily. It is advisable to wear specialized glasses but that is not possible by all. The best method how one can reduce the strain to the eyes is by blinking your eyes regularly when in front of the system or TV. This helps to relax the eyes and also prevents dryness to the eyes.


Some people are in the habit of using eye drops, which moistens the eyes thereby preventing dry eyes. Dry eyes are a serious complication, which if left untreated can cause blindness on the long run. Other way of reducing the stress to the eyes is by slowly massaging the eyes. The massage has to be concentrated on the eyelids, around the eyes and on the eyebrows. When done four to five times a day while at work or watching TV helps to relax the eye muscles thereby, preventing strain.


Hand hygiene is very much important to prevent eye infections. Unclean hands with dirt filled nails etc when touches the eye can immediately cause eye infections. Always remember to clean your hands before touching the eyes. Also, prevent rubbing your eyes if you feel something has fallen in the eyes, as you may not be sure whether it is just dust or some sharp particle that can tear the cornea, thereby, resulting is loss of vision and permanent eye damage. If you feel so, immediately wash the eyes under running water and seek medical advice if needed.


Many are struggling to see this wonderful world. Save your vision and pass on the gift to others by donating the eyes after death, so that the blind see and we live.


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