Beat The Monday Blues With Food!

Posted by Krishna Bora on Fri, Dec 21, 2012  
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We all were eagerly waiting to see what if the prediction of the Mayans about the end of the world comes true.  Now since the world is happily revolving on its own orbit and everything is just like yesterday, that just marks that we still have to face Monday blues. As God has given us another chance to live, we should embrace each day as a blessing from above and that definitely includes Mondays. What if I tell you that you can turn your gloomy Mondays into a cheerful day by eating the right food? Yes, you heard it right, you need no punching bags, no psychiatric help, and all you need is a diet change to transform your Mondays into a normal weekday. Come; let me guide you to those foods that are going to change your life.


Eggs: There is a famous saying about them, “Sunday Ho Ya Monday, Roz Khao Ande”, and is 100% true. An egg comes loaded with countless nutrients that are very necessary for a healthy body and mind. The much criticized egg yolk is rich in vitamins D, B12 which help to enhance your memory and help to increase the levels of serotonin, a neurotransmitter responsible for your happiness and cheer. The egg white help in slow absorption of carbohydrates in the body that makes you feel fuller for long; keep you light, alert and productive all day long.


Bananas: Bananas are rich in magnesium, which reduces anxiety and helps you sleep better.  They are also rich in tryptophan, an amino-acid that is converted into serotonin in the body. Banana contains plethoric amounts of vitamins and minerals and is also rich in carbohydrates, natural sugars and potassium that helps your circulatory system to provide more oxygen to your brain. Hence, never ever miss to eat a banana on Monday in breakfast.  


Spinach: And we credit them for the high spirits of Popeye the Sailor Man! Dark leafy vegetables such as spinach, chard and kale are high in folic acid and help to kick out depression and fatigue. These green leafy vegetables also come with a load of antioxidants that helps your brain cells to stay protected from oxidative damage done by harmful radicals. This is an important factor as the free radicals damage your brain cells, dampen mood and drain energy. The high amount of magnesium in them helps you to manage stress and improves your sleep.


Whole Wheat:  There is one fact behind serotonin, which is that you cannot produce them without carbohydrates in your body. Fiber present in them helps a slow absorption of carbohydrates in your body keeping levels of serotonin steady. Foods such as oatmeal, legumes, whole wheat bread are very ideal for the breakfast as they are digested slowly and help maintaining a steady level of glucose supply to the brain.


Milk: Now everyone knows that milk is good for your health, your bones and teeth, but milk is also a good thing to have in the Monday mornings to keep your spirits high the whole day. Milk is an ideal source of vitamin A and B, calcium, carbohydrates, magnesium, proteins and zinc. Consuming milk decreases anxiety and improves absorption of other minerals and vitamins.


Chocolates:  One can never miss out chocolates from the list “mood-boosters”. They contain antioxidants that keep your blood vessels happy and healthy. The sugars and endorphins in gives a boost to your brain and increases the levels of phenylanaine, which is believed to enhance the production of dopamine in the brain.


Here were the simple weapons to beat Monday morning blues and keep you feel energetic and happy throughout the day. Remember, there is a solution to every problem and most of them get solved by food. Happy weekend!


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