Be Physically Active Enjoy Good Emotional Health.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Sat, Apr 10, 2010  
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Most of us today be it a housewife, a white collared employee or a computer professional is just caught up in the responsibilities of the job and find very less time to exercise or be physically active. Yes, modern industrialization and introduction of machines to do everything for us has reduced the amount of physical activity leading to various lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, depression, stress and boredom in life. The need of the hour is in being physically active to remain strong physically, mentally and emotionally.


Yes dear friends, become physically active by introducing more of physical activities and exercise into your daily routine. It is best to get off the wheel of a car and walk to nearby places like the super market. Besides it would be best to do certain things manually too. It would prove an advantage if one could also take up cycling to nearby places. In addition, climbing up and down the stairs instead of using an elevator would also help. Besides, it is better if one can clean ones house manually with a broomstick and mop instead of using the vacuum cleaner. These physical activities not only help enjoy good physical health but also help decrease anxiety, sense of worthlessness and boredom too. Thirty minutes of physical activity daily promises good mental and emotional health also.


Physical activity can take the form of exercises in the form of yoga, meditation, weight exercises in the gym and simple exercises like walking, cycling, swimming, jogging, running and treadmill.  Going for a morning walk, or after dinner walk would be good to boost up your spirits and morale. You could make a choice of exercise according to your own tastes and body conditions. The early morning cool and fresh air and the sunlight during the early morning hours can benefit the emotional life of a person. The sunlight is highly instrumental in giving a boost to your moods and you can easily get this sunlight while exercising, going for walks or gardening. Physical activity helps you to not only strengthen your heart and lungs, but also to release endorphins, powerful chemicals that energize and lift your moods.


Yes, you are right; exercise instills in us a sense of positive thinking and action. You will  start feeling life is a beautiful dream and one can accomplish anything from the feeling that one just exists. In addition, breath control exercises help you to release stress and bring in additional positive energy to feel energized and happy. So it is time that if you wish to enjoy good emotional health got out of their couch and did something happy to feel happy and fulfilled. 


Avoid on costly doctor and counselor bills and those medications with harmful side effects by just getting up into solid physical action. This exercise and physical activity is sure to pump blood to your brains and make you feel good and confident. Yes, you are sure to feel physically strong too. And your eyes also will get that radiant look that signifies that you have an ideal mind, body and emotions balance.


To sum up dear friends, get off your couch or computer just for some time daily or periodically to pump in that endorphins and feel positive, calm, and motivated in life. Yes and do not forget to tell your friends that they too can follow you and get the same benefits just like you.


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