Alzheimer's disease

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Hi friends! Are you developing confusion, memory problems or forgetting things which you do routinely. If yes, take care, you are in the beginning of the pathway for developing a dreadful psychological disorder or neurodegenerative disease called Alzheimer's dementia, which is the most common type of Alzheimer's in the present world.  It can also cause memory loss.  The most common problems in Alzheimer's patients are vision problems, forgetting important persons who are well known to them and also forgetting to do things which are done by them routinely.

The onset of this disease is found usually in people above 60 but in the present digital world, this disease is very early in onset.

The reasons for the early onset are namely,

1. Constant usage of laptops or computer at work without rest to your brain:

The above said reason can be avoided with the help of taking small breaks in between your work, which gives a relaxation to the brain. Do some brain exercises, which do not take more than 5 to 10 minutes to the brain, which gives both physical and mental relaxation.

2. Constant usage of cell phones:

Try to avoid usage of cell phones with less brightness or in dark rooms. This can cause problem to your eyes and in turn to your vision. Constant usage of cell phones in youth is detaching them from the rest of the world and their own people. Please do not place the cell phones in the front pocket of the shirts, which might have a very bad impact on your heart.

3. Untimely food and sleep:

This is the most important reason, which is not at all maintained in most of the present generation.  Good food habits and timely sleep is very much lacking in the present generation in all walks of life. Please eat nutritional food which is good for the body and have a good sleep which relaxes your brain.

4. No time for brain to relax, which is a must according to the human body cycle?

With all the bad and good filled in the world around us, it is most commonly seen that we get attracted to things which we think are good for us, but they are not really so. God has give us brain to think which is good and which is bad and make a decision accordingly, so make use of your brain in a correct way and reduce stress or strain to the brain unnecessarily.

So, my dear friends please try to spent time with your own people and have some enjoyment in life at intervals which are convenient to you, which can relax your brain and keep you happy and away from worries, which in turn can cause diseases related to brain.

Happiness is the main tool in life, which can repair important parts of a machine called human body and in turn reduce body from getting exposed to dreadful diseases.


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