Add Spice and Splash Love in your Marital Life

Posted by Hannah Punitha on Mon, Feb 25, 2013  
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Has your marriage turned out to be full of unexpected disappointments?


Today is the day to bury your disappointments and start afresh!  Now is the time to add spice and splash love in your marital life, Let me tell you how!


You may not have heard of some things about marriage but you need to know and act it out to add zest to your relations and enjoy your marital life.


1) Orbuch a marriage specialist who has done extensive research on hundreds of couples for around 24 years says "It’s very important to talk about what’s irritating you in a cordial way and to compromise and not allow even small things to fester."


2) Sharing is the key to a deeper relationship once you are married and is doubly rewarding Whatever it may be, make a commitment to share all the emotional ups and downs, job-related successes and anxieties, medical issues, family commitments, and celebrations and conflicts., TRY IT NOW!


3) Compliments are key: Marriage experts say that complimenting your spouse and celebrating his or her achievements is very essential to long-term happiness in marriages.  Research shows that it’s even more important than supporting your partner when things go bad." Orbuch says it’s so significant to make your partner feel special, cared for, and loved frequently by saying simple things like, 'I would still choose you if I had to do it all over again,'"   thanking them for helping around the house etc.

4) Deal with your old frustrations and emotional baggage together: You celebrated Valentine’s day together. Now, you are married. After the excitement of getting married and setting up house many couples feel the same old frustrations and emotional baggage haunting them.


If you’re unhappy after marriage and if it is your old frustrations like a job that you don’t like, the old emotional baggage that is haunting you, it makes sense to talk out your frustrations and deal with the emotional baggage together by consulting a psychologist or counsellor if necessary.


5) Getting through a really tough situation together can put your marriage in proper perspective, says marriage and family therapist David Halper.


Halper says, couples often realize that their disagreements become trivial when they deal with big issues like a serious illness ". "This renewed perspective works as a catalyst for a more positive relationship focused on true values of a marriage.


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