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Hypertension means an increased pressure exerted on the blood vessels by the blood above the normal limits. The normal blood pressure of individual is 120/80. The hypertension is also known as silent killer because it can lead to serious health problems such as heart failure, stroke and kidney failure.


One of the effective treatments of hypertension in the alternative therapy is acupressure.  Alternative medical practitioners believed that the best way of hypertension treatment is by enlivening the mental or body system, which are responsible for the hypertension.


In acupressure therapy pressure is gently exerted at certain points of your body. Usually these points are on your feet, knee, neck and forehead. Another form of acupressure is acupuncture. In this method some needles are used for applying pressure. These needles are called acupuncture needles. Like any other alternative treatment acupressure give relief to some people but nor to all. Also acupressure points are very sensitive, if pressure applying in an incorrect manner that will cause harmful results.


ACCUPRESSURE POINTS FOR HYPERTENSION                                                                        

  1. Gb 20
  2. Li 11
  3. Ht 3
  4. St 36
  5. Lv 3
  6. Kd 1


Gb 20:  to locate this point place your thumbs on your earlobes. Slide them back towards the centre of the neck. Now your thumb will be approximately one thumb width above hairline of the neck. You thumbs will fall in to a depression on either side of the vertebrae of the neck, at the base of your skull. Gb 20 is located in this depression.


Use the thumb to apply medium to firm pressure and hold for a minute or more. Breathe deeply and buildup pressure gradually. This point is helpful also in relieving head ache, cold, neck stiffness and pain and helps regulate internal movement of energy.


Li 11: to locate this point hold your arm in front of your chest. The point is at the outside end of the crease at the elbow joint


Ht 3: to find these point hold your palms facing up. From Li 11 slide your fingers across the elbow until you feel the bony projection outside the crease of your funny bone. Just above the bony projection there is depression. Ht 3 point is at this depression.


Place your thumb on Ht 3 and you middle finger on Li 11 and apply strong pressure for a minute.


St 36: the combination of St 36 and Li 11 is commonly used for the treatment of hypertension. St 36 is located at the four finger width below the lower border of the knee cap and one finger width off the shin bone to the outside. Flex your foot up and down, you feel that the muscle is moving under your finger if you are on St 36.


Lv 3: lv 3 exerts a powerful beneficial influence in all body aspects of the body associated with liver meridian. This point is located at the top of your foot between big toe and second toe. Using your index finger press between the bones. Start applying pressure with light pressure and increase the pressure gradually as much you can tolerate or until you are using moderate to firm pressure. Hold for one minute.


Kd 1: this is located on the sole of the foot between second toe and third toe bone, two thirds of the distances from the heel sole to the base of the second toe. It is just below the ball of the foot. Press this point firmly and hold for one minute.



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