5 Health Benefits of eating Onion

Posted by Krishna Bora on Fri, Feb 14, 2014  
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Though onions have become very expensive in the market these days, and it is difficult to afford a lot of them at a time for most of us. But it is undeniable that these expensive vegetables are loaded with goodness. Here are five reasons why they are so good for your health, and why the price of these little goodies should come down immediately to make it avail for all of us:


1. It Protects the Grey Matter: onions are a very good source of antioxidant quercetin. They are very important to protect the brain. This kind of flavonoid helps to prevent muscle fibres from damaging caused due to intense exercises.


2. Keeps Your Heart Healthy: The pungent and irritating odour that arises from a cut onion is due to the sulphur content in it, which is also called the allyl sulphide. These compounds may help protect your blood vessels and the damage that cholesterol could cause them.


3. Strengthens Bones: In a study in 2009, it was medical proved that those women who ate onions daily had a greater density of their bones than those who don’t eat them at all. The regular onion eaters had 205 less chances of a hip fracture in their middle ages.


4. Reduces Risks of Cancer: The flavonoids in an onion helps to ward off the causes and chances to cause cancer, like the breast cancer.


5. Aids to Your Digestion: Onions are loaded with some special type of fibres, which are very good for digestion of food in your stomach, whenever you have an upset stomach, try to eat a whole of onion, mixed in some salad to prevent stomach aches.


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