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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Fri, Dec 9, 2011  
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If you are celebrating motherhood, then start celebrating your body too. Being a mother is a fantastic experience, but my advice would be that one should not be a fool like me and stop taking of yourself the way I did. Don’t pack your bags and give up your career because ten years down the line your kid will not remember the sacrifice that you did for him. Take care of yourself and remain fit.


As a new mother if you feel fatigued from time to time, make sure your energy level is high. A good quality diet high in nutrition and protein will keep your energy level high. Along with diet a good sleep is what you require. It is definitely not easy being a new mother because your kid will need your attention all the time. This does get physically taxing and consumes a lot of energy. Therefore adequate sleep is a must. So a new mother should catch up with some sleep whenever the baby is sleeping. Many women utilize the time to finish off with the household chores; I have also done the same thing as I did not have any help. But if you have your family and a good maid around stop thinking about anything and just dump it on them and concentrate on your baby and yourself. Remember you have to stay fit for your child.


Continuing a good diet post delivery, just as you did when you were pregnant is very essential. A new mother requires a good diet comprising a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins minerals and vitamins. Have a glass of lauki juice in the morning and have food with very little oil or ghee. Include lots of protein in your diet. Have carbohydrates, but not too much of it. Eating balanced food should be the most important concern than losing weight that they have gained during pregnancy. Hurried approach too much towards weight loss can do irreversible damage to you and your baby. So don’t be too desperate to fit into to your pre-natal jeans. What are important is a calculated and a well designed weight loss diet with moderate and effective exercise. I remember when I had delivered everybody said do not exercise at all because if you are feeding your child your milk will become sour. But this is all a myth. Again in the process of losing your weight don’t lose your mind. Set reasonable goals. You will be able to lose weight only in a year’s time not before that. Practice yoga it will make you feel good from within and outside.


Being a mother is a wonderful feeling. In spite of excess weight, lack of sleep and no late night parties’ motherhood is the best part in a woman’s life. When I had my son, I realized how motherhood can change my life, it definitely made me a complete woman, but in the process of being a mother I completely lost myself. But my advice to other women would be sometimes it is good to a little selfish and take care of you health. 


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