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Hi friends,

Welcome to the world of yoga. Yoga is not an exercise, not a competitive sport. Yoga is a philosophy; it is a part of spiritual discipline focused and maintains a natural balance between body, mind, and spirit improving life quality. The meaning of Yoga (Sanskrit) is “to unite”, to control.The continued practice of yoga will lead the people a sense of peace and well-being. It makes the body sting and flexible, improves breathing control, prevents muscle soreness, meliorate circulatory system and glandular system. A full yoga session includes breath control, relaxation and meditation. Yoga help to control the mind and relieve stress and it has immense potential as a treatment for chronic dieses and conditions. Yoga develops concentration, serenity and communicative skill. The continued and proper practice of yoga can help the people in the treatment of diverse diseases such as diabetes, blood pleasure, digestive disorders, arthritis, asthma, bad posture, chronic fatigue and minor heart conditions. Yoga helps to revitalize the brain, heart, muscle, nerves, pancreas and increasing vitality of the body. Yoga increases the lubrication of joint, ligaments and tendons. Keep in mind that Yoga is not a competitive activity. Know your limit and not push yourself. Enjoy, keep on practicing and have fun.

Some Yoga poses

  1. Hand clenching
  2. Wrist bending
  3. Wrist rotating
  4. Elbow rotating
  5. Eye training
  6. Neck exercises
  7. Shoulder lift
  8. Shoulder rotate
  9. Shoulder stretches up
  10. Mountain pose
  11. Hand stretch side
  12. Hand stretch up
  13. Hand stretch front
  14. Hand stretch back
  15. Ankle bending
  16. Ankle rotating
  17. Knee rotating
  18. Knee up
  19. Hip rotating
  20. Hip Rolls
  21. Waist Twist
  22. Mountain pose
  23. Hand stretch up and Back Stretch
  24. Standing side stretch pose
  25. Stand spread leg forward fold
  26. Wide legged forward bend
  27. Hand to feet
  28. Standing Forward Bending
  29. Knee Bends ( Hand stretch and sit Down-up)
  30. Warrior pose (A)
  31. Warrior pose (B)
  32. Crescent Moon Pose
  33. Chair Pose (A)
  34. Chair Pose (B)
  35. Downward Facing Dog
  36. Pigeon Pose
  37. Tree pose
  38. Triangle pose
  39. Revolved Triangle pose
  40. Revolved Side Angle Pose
  41. Half moon pose
  42. Warrior pose (C)

(Seated Poses)

  1. Easy pose
  2. Hero pose
  3. Shoulder stretch  (up and back down)(A)
  4. Shoulder stretch ( straight – front and back )
  5. Cat pose
  6. Lotus pose
  7. Child pose
  8. Seated forward bend
  9. Seated side bend
  10. Seated hip strech
  11. Garland pose
  12. Full boat pose
  13. Goddess pose
  14. Corpse pose ( Shavasana)

(Supine / Resting pose – lying on back and Backbend poses)

  1. Leg reclining lung
  2. Leg pulls
  3. Single leg raises
  4. Double leg raises
  5. Wind relieving pose
  6. Leg to side pose
  7. Leg side stretch (A)
  8. Leg side stretch (B)
  9. Leg side stretch (C)
  10. Leg bend stretch forward
  11. Bridge pose
  12. Fish pose
  13. Dog pose
  14. Cat pose
  15. Cobra pose
  16. Locust pose
  17. Bow pose
  18. Wheel pose
  19. Shoulder stand pose
  20. Plough pose
  21. Half spinal twist
  22. Sage twist
  23. Pendulum pose (A, B, C,..)
  24. Head stand
  25. Crane pose
  26. Hand stand
  27. Sun salutation
  28. Finishing pose (Shavasam)

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