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WoW! Wisdom of Whole-self

Diabetes care -  Effective Medical Science

January 21, 2020


“In India, about 50.9 million people suffer from diabetes, and this figure is likely to go up to 80 million by 2025, making it the 'Diabetes Capital' of the world” - Diabetes Foundation India


Bending this scary trend is hopelessly simple:

‘Taking charge of one’s diet & exercise gives diabetics of today and tomorrow a great chance to promote highly productive & beautiful health that beats diabetes and its ill-consequences’


Key contributors to productivity loss due to preventable lifestyle disease in reducing order of significance are:

  1. Impaired human performance due to stress, early fatigue, reduced mental agility while at work
  2. Sickness leaves (self/near and dear) that deletes the worth of a whole productive day
  3. Missed revenues; cost of others working on behalf of the absentee; overtime costs
  4. Medical and pharma costs
  5. Insurance loading costs and other compensations to the ailing


The spectrum of healthcare has widened in the 21st century to address needs of the evolving world. Belle Santé Institute (BSI) of Functional Medicine and Well-being has pioneered in ‘person-centric wholesome health’ to prolong healthspan thereby enhancing quality of life. This is key to sustain social performance and economic productivity.


“ Health optimization for life

The WoW way”   

21st century diseases

In the obesogenic society we live in, each one of us have our preferred model of health and personal practices to seek care. Unfortunately, the interrupted attention is leading most of us to an undesired track of forming lifestyle diseases. Diabetes along with obesity, hypertension, cardiometabolic syndrome forms the deadly quartet of metabolic syndrome, a slow killer with rising incidence & high prevalence even though it is 100% preventable. Translating for the corporate world, . Let’s get wiser be reading through!

21st century medicine

Functional Lifestyle Medicine directly prolongs the productive years of life that improves:

  1. Quality of life i.e. human ability to perform to full potential without limitations
  2. Conditioning self for seamless healthspan making one’s future secure & prospective
  3. Disease risk reversal from all stages of disease formation

 Grade A recommendation for Diabetes control: Functional Lifestyle Medicine

It is proven through multiple clinical studies across the globe that the rich benefits of upgrading functional lifestyles help everyone protect themselves from developing several diseases including diabetes. Medical wellness programs focusing on hormonal auto-regulation, metabolic fitness, fat loss, tissue nourishment & wealthy response to stress upgrade the level of health with ability to beat several diseases together.

Clients experience improvement in personal health & wellness literacy & diet supplements that are natural to human body. Telemedicine, digital health records, personal compounded medicines has set new benchmarks in self-management of chronic health conditions including diabetes.

Metabolic control of sugars & fats made easy to understand

Sugars and fats are fuel for our energy i.e. calories. Sugars are converted & stored as glycogen or fats in the body. All organs of our body burn calories. However, muscles & brain are the top organs whose use of energy is in our conscious control i.e. we can burn more calories (running, exercises, thinking) or we can reduce burning calories (excess sitting, depression). Muscles have a threshold to demand rest (tiredness, aches & pains) whereas our brain if overworked, it stresses several auto-regulatory mechanisms in our body before burning out. 

Prudence is in understanding that excesses are as harmful as deficiencies. Hence targeting to optimize health and wellness is key to reverse preventable harm from lifestyle disorders and diseases. Functional lifestyle medicine is the person-centric approach that works with self-determined goals in health and wellness for optimization of hormones & wealthy response to stress.

Insulin & blood sugars – The body function

The crucial role played by Insulin in the regulation of blood sugar is widely accepted. Lack of Insulin indicates Type 1 diabetes. Interestingly, the latest global evidence highlights poor performance of insulin in the body due to reduced insulin sensitivity in the body. Our pancreas responds to this by releasing more insulin thereby triggering a viscous loop of high insulin in blood with reduced sensitivity in body organs. Chronic Hyperinsulinemia mediates fat deposition in unusual areas including liver, abdominal area & muscles that directly contributes to poor quality of life. Further, prediabetes mediates immunity loss & inflammation raising the risk of obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, reproductive disorders and even cancer. Our eating routine gets disturbed due to abnormalities in hunger (ghrelin) & satiety (leptin) hormones resulting in overeating which further leads to abnormal & undesired weight gain.

Signs of insulin resistance may include:

Undesired weight gain, especially central obesity – defined by a high waist-to-hip ratio, waist-to-thigh ratio and waist circumference

Menstrual irregularities – PCOS is the most common cause of infertility in women who have gone through puberty and is often associated with insulin resistance

Hirsutism – excess facial and body hair, especially on women, which can indicate insulin resistance.

Skin tags – benign (non-cancerous) skin growths on the body or face. They can be smooth or wrinkled, skin-coloured or just slightly darker than skin colour and can vary in size

Acanthosis nigricans – typically characterised by hyperpigmentation (darkening of skin pigment) and usually accompanied by a velvety change in texture of the affected skin. Common sites are the neck and axillae

Hormonal imbalances never occur in isolation. It means that insulin imbalance is associated with various other hormonal disorders. Vitamin hormone i.e. Vit D deficiency & thyroid disorders as found associated in many. Treating the underlying cause of Insulin and hormonal disorders is the essence of Belle sante’s approach to metabolic fitness hence the control and prevention of diabetes formation.

Hyperinsulinemia (a hallmark of insulin resistance) appears to have a role in tumor initiation and progression in insulin-resistant patients. Furthermore it contributes to mutagenesis and carcinogenesis.

Health-span engineering is an evidence supported 3 month program that typically includes:


  1. Functional health-checks to profile & track metabolic fitness, inflammation control, stress & age-specific hormonal changes across a phase of life and health. These services cover home sample collections for lab tests plus onsite assessments. Reports are delivered to registered email address.
  2. Progressive live/ AV consultations & digital health records are used to conduct:
  • Launch day, Group Counseling: 60 mins x 1 session
  • Goal-setting in Life & Health: 60 mins x 1 session
  • Shared/ Drop-in Medical Appointments: Gamified group medical wellness consultations that includes 60 mins x 6 shared + 15 mins x 6 personal drop-in
  • Personalized medicines: Compounded under prescription delivered onsite
  • Impact day celebrating ‘Beautiful Health’: Honoring participants with sponsored rewards and recognitions

Beautiful healthspan, The WOW way ! 

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