Why You Should Start Cycling In 2010

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Tue, Jan 12, 2010  
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Wish you all a happy 2010. I wish you all the best in 2010 in the form of good health, fitness and happiness. If you have to achieve all this than cycling can play a very positive role in your life. Yes, you are right I would like to tell everyone who can cycle and have no health restrictions to get yourself a bicycle today and help yourself to good fitness, health and happiness. And most important of all you could render a great service to Mother Earth by helping to get over Global warming too.


Clinch this benefit of cycling by using it to promote good health. Start cycling in 2010 and enjoy this unique aerobic exercise. You may feel some heavy breathing initially, but it helps to promote health and serves as a cover against various diseases of the heart, reduces blood pressure, obesity and various forms of diabetes. Studies have proved that those who cycled daily as a means to doing exercise reduced their mortality risk by 20%.


Are you struggling to lose weight, then it is time you started cycling in 2010 and today is the right day as tomorrow exists only in the dictionary of fools. A 15 minutes exercise time doing cycling is all you need to burn 10 to 12lbs per month. It is not necessary that you have to fix up time for cycling each day. Those who can cycle to work can do so and eliminate pollution caused by motorized vehicles; thereby helping to get over global warming. 


Besides lesser pollution would contribute to overall better health for you and your folks on this planet. Lesser pollution contributes to lesser health problems like allergies, respiratory problems and overall improvement in fitness and health. Cycling to do your daily chores like shopping, picking ones child from school could also serve a dual role of exercise and decrease in pollution levels. 



It is best to realize this benefit of cycling that it also helps to improve ones emotional and mental health. Ones moods are sure to improve by cycling and one is sure to get a positive view of life. Positive thinking and moods helps to improve ones productivity in life contributing to ones overall success. Cycling helps to improve one’s self-esteem and has been found to play a great role in relieving symptoms of premenstrual syndrome in women.


Realize this benefit by cycling of improvement of your overall fitness. One is sure to notice a considerable improvement in just 6 months. One’s mobility is sure to increase and also the flexibility of ones limbs. This helps to improve bone density also. Senior citizens who can cycle gain the top benefit of maintenance of strength and coordination. It can help in the reduction of percentage of hip fractures too.


I am sure all of you must have known why you should start cycling in 2010. Go and get yourself a bicycle just today so as to improve ones health and fitness and live in a real clean environment.  


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