Why you should brush at night??

Posted by Krishna Bora on Wed, Feb 27, 2013  
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Dental hygiene is something that many of us neglect. We can literally count it on our fingers, the number of visits we made to the dentist till now. Many of us, like me, have been spoon-fed that we should brush our teeth before going to bed. Dah! Who cares? Have you ever thought why we emphasise on dental hygiene so much? Maybe they are one of the important parts of our body. Our teeth are the gateway to our body, literally. It is necessary that you keep them clean in order to avoid entry of bad and harmful germs in your body. It is a must that you brush your teeth before sleeping, as we have a habit of munching food the whole day.


The amount of germs in our mouth is twice as high as compared in the morning. When we go to bed without cleaning our teeth, the bad germs break down the food stuck in our teeth. They proliferate and grow in our mouth and soon, there is a whole civilization of germs when we are peacefully snoring. The results are; bad breath, gum problems, teeth yellowing and cavities.

Brushing at night before going to bed is a healthy habit we must follow religiously every night, despite of age, race and reason. It helps your teeth to be clean and healthy, avoids gum problems and bad breath. Always use a brush and don’t forget to end with a mouthwash. Avoid eating after brushing your teeth, there is no point in brushing your teeth at night then, don’t you think. Not even chewing gums, wine, coffee, tea or any salads.

It is not necessary that only kids, who heart candies and chocolates, are prone to dental problems. So, make it a habit and brush your teeth at night, before it’s too late to regret.


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