Why Should A Family Create A Habit Of Playing Board Games

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, Mar 10, 2010  
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Gone are the days when the family and siblings sat together to play a board game as chess, snakes and ladders, scrabble, Chinese checkers, draughts or chess and had great fun together. Yes, the generation today only feels good playing computer, TV, Internet and PlayStation games, and have sure missed upon the wonderful memorable days their parents had playing board games and enjoying with their siblings, cousins, uncles, aunts and family. Technology is the culprit, which has snatched off precious fun times and quality times from the present generation.



The changing lifestyle and one child norm of most parents have rid the children of fun and the benefits of playing board games. Yes, today is a computer double income family time, where the parents are out to earn more and more to satisfy their needs for luxuries. However even the cost of living poses problems for parents, where both the parents have to go earn bread butter, clothing and shelter for the family. But it is best to understand that it is best to spend some time playing board games in a nuclear one-child family too. The parent/parents should make it a habit to spend family time playing board games; family times are quality times where family ties are fostered. 



This may raise a question in most progressive parents minds that can only board games provide all the benefits to their children? Yes, computer games, video games and T.V games make children seek excitement and aggressive playing encourages an aggressive attitude in the children. Besides most of these games give a thrill of adventure, but make children addictive to them with no real gains. Board games help to improve ones hand and body coordination and also helps building mental faculties and promote self-confidence. Games like Scrabble, UNO help to improve ones word power and help children learn colors, numbers and signs more easily. Chess, Carrom, draughts help to sharpen ones mind make one mentally alert.



In addition games like Monopoly, Trade help to educate children about the ways of life and are very effective way to teach them the way they should transact in the material world. Yes games like Bingo are fun ways to teach young children numbers and letters.


Besides, it is ideal for the family to relax and spend quality time with one another instead of being glued to the idiot box or just operating the remote playing electronic games. Board games offer relaxation and change for patients and senior citizens at home. Patients will be able to forget the drudgery and pain of their illness. Senior citizens at home like grandparents will enjoy having a good time playing board games with their grandchildren in their spare time.


Yes, board games are fun ways to spend monsoon times and the hot summer times. One could easily play these board games with ones siblings, uncles, aunts, and cousins and enjoy together. Playing board games in a group makes children know all about sporting behavior and the art of sharing and love. One is sure to have fond memories of such times in adulthood that would be a good stress reliever even later on in life. Besides, a bond with extended family that includes cousins is very vital for the good emotional growth of children. Not to miss on this aspect that children who play more of board games and much calmer and well-rounded individuals.   


To conclude, I am sure all of you dear friends must have understood the value of playing board games. Let us not say that technology is the culprit for playing TV, Internet and PlayStation games, but play board games to improve hand and body coordination, for building mental faculties, for promoting self-confidence and to improve word and number power in young children the play way method. Let the future generation learn about problem solving, let us build family ties by making board times family times that are quality times and build a better emotional life for our children by promoting human relations with siblings, uncles, aunts and cousins.      


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