Which side of your body in More Prone to Sickness - Right or Left

Posted by Sunil Shroff on Fri, Sep 10, 2010  
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I have often had patients who have more problems on one side of the body than the other. Many patients over the years I have noticed, keep coming back with one or another problem on one side of their body. Sometimes it can be the left kidney, the left hip, the left shoulder or the left side of abdomen. Then there are others who have similar complaints on the right side.


The human body as we know is a fusion of two bodies into one with interconnections between the two.  The body has so many duplications within us starting from our brain. The left side of the brain controls the right side and vice versa. The right side of the heart pumps impure blood and left side pure blood. Often when one side of the organ suffers, the other also  can shut down its functiion in sympathy - like our kidneys.  I have always wanted to research this topic and find out if our immunity is less on one side, are some people more prone to develop problems on one side of their body and if so is this genetically determined.


Then again why do majority of us sleep on the left, why is the head of the fetus in mother's womb in most instances is engaged on the left side  - does this determine on which side they will sleep later in their life - can we compare obstetric records and check with individuals their preferences later in their life.


Girls can have different-sized breasts or nipples and this is considered perfectly normal, but is the breast with less fat, less prone to cancer. Likewise one leg can be natuarally shorter than the other - do these people have more joint problems -  no one has answers to such questions. The net is perhaps a good medium to conduct such studies - provided a lot of like minded people join hands through a community. Do you want to join such a bandwagon - write to medindia we can take this forward.


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Has there been anymore follow up to this? I have more issues with the right side of my body. Im right handed, but use my left hand at work. My right side has a huge vascular lymph node behind my liver that causes great discomfort, but because of it being vascular it's being left alone. I also have a non vascular mass in my right breast that is currently being monitored. I've had 5 surgeries for kidney stone removal. 4 of the 5 were on the right side. My lymph nodes in my neck are always inflamed on the right side and lay but not least my hips hurt constantly on the right side. I'm just really curious to know if this is a real thing about one sided diseases or not.

Stefy Kross

Started googling this because right now my left lymph node is swollen and im wondering if im getting sick. Ive always had weird things happen on my left side only! I have a left rib out of place, my chiropractor told me my left leg is shorter. My left foot and left eye are both slightly bigger. I have an ear piercing that closed up, only on my left ear. When i ever had issues as a kid with other piercings getting infected, its the left ear. I also had an issue after my son was born with my csection getting heeled over on top of my stitch which my ob said was like 1 in a million chance...only happened on the left side. Ive also noticed i have more cellulite in my left thigh than my right. I sleep on my right side and would probably consider myself more right brained and creative, although i can be quite logical too. This is such a weird but interesting topic! I hope more intensive research can be done on this. Glad to know its a more common thing than i thought!


I am very interested in this topic. I have 14 things wrong with the left side of my body which are not wrong with the right side. My doctor said it could be because an embryo starts as two cells. I am right handed. Do you know of any research being done on this?


This is merely just a comment. I was driving in the car thinking about some of the things that ail my body and all of them were on the left side. I was thinking, "I am googling this as soon as a get to a computer!" I am 43 and I've notice to be more Gray-haired on the left side, my tonsil swells more on the left, I have plantar fasciitis on the left foot. So I just started thinking , why is everything failing quicker on the left than right? Then thinking to myself, my heart...the main ticker of life is on the left....now I'm thinking I better look into this. I'm glad to see other people are aware and possibly there will be some studies and awareness of this commonality. Thank you for the posts and responses!

Sunil Shroff

Dear Lydia - The first thing is to recognize this as a condition in our medical world before we can find a cure for the problem. Currently it is not a recognized problem - hence no one has explored it further. I am sorry I am not able to offer solutions at this stage. A community like Medwonders needs more people like you to at least share their problem so that the medical world can find a cure of some sort.Dr.Shroff


Experience the same left side suffering. I am 53 and for the last 5 months it is as if my whole left side collapsed. It started with a pulled muscle at the back (left side, of course). It went on with an eczema on the left breast ( doctors have still not come to some logical explanation and treatment). I also have to say here that there is a cyst in my left breast that has got bigger and harder. My left leg started hurting about two months ago and I cannot walk properly. Done about 20 physiotherapies but have seen no results. Finally, a week ago I pulled another muscle in my left arm. I doubt if all that is a coincidence. My right side is strong as a horse. I feel like two different people in one. One crippled and painful and the other healthy and strong. The latter has the obligation to carry the left one and suffer together. I am right handed and sleep on the right side.Please find some explanation to all this. I'm going crazy!




similar experience, right side significantly more prone to infections. three of four operations related to infections on right side, three times more root canals on right side teeth(6:2) with accompanying stubborn bone/gum infections, joint aches and complex eye infections (involving eye, ear and throat)on right hand side. a few lymph nodes resected for biopsy in neck on right side, related to infection. face is slightly asymmetric with right eye larger than left. born right-hander, but right-brained; hand-eye coordination superior with left hand for sports, but for close work right hand is better.


also interesting thing I forgot and worth to mention with my right body half is issue of ringworm on my right leg.


Hi I'm right handed 28 year old woman. I have health issues/pains always with left body half. Infection in lungs (coughing rheum from this half only when sick), large cyst in left breast (also left breast is larger than right), scared tissue from womb infections on left side. Any sort of pain/infection is always coming from left body half. I am wondering why is that. That's how I found this website. Would love to know why. (I sleep on left side of my body - always did). Right half is happy and healthy.

Sunil Shroff

Thnxs Kris for sharing your experience and your desire to help in the research on this topic. As there is not much on this topic, we will need to first have some proof that this topic is worth further researching.For this we need either a survey or do an observational study. For this kind of research, we will need to define what areas are we looking at -1. Normal external body structures - being different on the two sides of a person2. Disease being more common on one side and if so which diseases - is there common set that can happen more on one side then the other.For Body structures - let us look at size and shape of easily viewed organs -1. Hand - example right handed people may have bigger Right hand then normal. But in these individuals if left side is bigger it is a significant finding2. Fingers /thumb - similar size difference if noticeable3. Arm 4. Nipples5. Body 6. Breasts in women7. Testis in men - usually left testis hangs lower than right. One side can be bigger also due to fluid called hydroceleDiseases for example may include -1. Kidney stones - left or right2. Cancer of duplicate organs like breast, lungs, kidneys, testis3. Do you sleep on left side or right 4. Brain disordersand many more5. Health problems - more on left or right side of the body We will need to put this kind of concept on something like Facebook and twitter and make a page for it, where people who join in, can share their thoughts and problems. After this we could structure a research with the group and make it as viral as possible - if we have enough numbers and get a big group - it will be perhaps be first serious medical research through the medium of web technology. Thnxs again

Kris Fortin

Professor Shroff, Hello, I am a 45 year old female. I am recently retired from a 22 yr medical career as a patient care tech/CNA/ ER Tech/Peds Tech.. ect. I find your theory of left side/right side issues extremely intriguing. I have had that very same issue all of my life. First off my entire left side of my body is bigger than my right, from my head to toe. I also have more medical issues inside and out on my left side more than my right. From huge benign cysts on my left hip joint and on top of the tibialis anterior tendon, to bruising easier, as well as having aortic valve stenosis. Have you done any further research or studies on the left/right side syndrome issues? I am just curious as to what can cause such differences within the human body. I am right handed as well. If I can assist you with your research in any way possible I am very willing to do so. I hope you will be able to continue your work in this area. Good luck Professor ShroffKris


I am right handed person, with a wast majority of issues on the left side: left leg is slightly stiffer, skin cancer on the left side of the back, skin infection around the nose, toothache/ tooth infection/extraction, inferior vision in the left eye and some isolated aches/pains ON the (surface of) the head. Only issue worth mentioning on the right side is psoriasis - a typical solar (right side) disorder.

Sunil Shroff

Sowdamini- I am the author of this Medblog. There is not much on this subject and it is not recognized as an entity. If we have more people like you coming forward, we can do more research on this subject by sharing info and form a support group. I think right handed people are more prone to right sided problems and left handed on left side. But to test this more people have to come forward and share this info. Dr.Shroff


I have always felt he right side of my body is more prone to sickness. In fact it so bothered me, I decided to look in net and found this. Is it physical or psychological, the right side of the brain doing certain functions/connected to some emotions suffering in some way?

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