When the Gym gets Boring

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Fri, Feb 24, 2012  
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You may be working hard in the gym, but your work out may not be giving you the desired results.  When you stick to the same work out you tend to get bored.  It’s time to change your exercises. Make sure you change your programme after four to six weeks. Or else the body will not show any results.


You try to copy other fit people in the gym and think that you will get their kind of figure. But this is not going to work. Every body’s body is different and every body’s requirement is different when it comes to exercises. So aping will not help and you might land up with some kind of injury. You should take the help of a trainer and do some reading about right exercising for your body type. Remember the well toned lady in the gym has put in lot of hard work and time to get that desirable body.


Remember the gym is not a place for socializing and meeting up with friends. Gym is meant to burn calories and not to catch up with the latest gossips. I have seen people go the gym and do a little chit chat, checks out the sauna and leaves. A single minded focus for a work out is great. But that’s not everything. Sometimes it is better to have a partner who will encourage you to work out. An ideal partner is one who has the same goals.


A time comes when your body reaches a plateau. So don’t be too hard on yourself. It can be really depressing when the weighing scale does not show you the desired results. Try out something new if your body is not responding to gymming. Give power yoga a try or maybe you can try out some kind of outdoor sports like swimming, tennis or squash.  I admit after some time gymming does become boring. May be a dance class with a group of friends can give you a mental high and help you in weight reduction.





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