What Makes Pre-pregnancy Preparation So Important? How Does it Work?

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According to the scriptures, pregnancy represents a time when the mother-to-be cares for herself in order to ensure the health of both her and her unborn child. Fear is not fruitful. The moment you replace your fear with a positive outlook, everything will fall into place. According to medical science as well, stress is believed to increase their risk of implantation failure. Stress and anxiety increase cortical levels, which are associated with pregnancy outcomes.

Stress scores and anxiety scale scores were higher among pregnant women than among not pregnant women. Research has shown that chronic stress can cause the neuroendocrine function to be sensitized, and this may negatively impact fertility.

There are various causes of infertility, such as ovulatory, tubal diseases, chromosomal anomalies, and malefactors. Other risks include behavioral, genetic, socioeconomic, environmental, and occupational. Environmental exposure range from polychlorinated biphenyl, dioxins, plasticizers.

So, pre-pregnancy preparation places a crucial area to get into the goal. Pre-pregnancy preparation is focused on four aspects such as physical, mental, eco-environ genetic aspects.

What is the purpose of this?

The goal of pre-pregnancy preparation is to change one's lifestyle, by adapting and replacing one's negative lifestyle habits.

Physical aspect

Maintaining a healthy weight range reduces the risk of infertility and improves the chances of conceiving spontaneously. Exercise reduces the risk of ovulation problems. In addition to strengthening the reproductive muscles and enhancing the pelvic circulation, moderate and low-intensity exercise helps reduce lower abdominal weight in support of hormonal balance. The use of natural therapies such as hip baths, castor oil therapy, and fertility massage provides immense support to fertility. These natural therapies also lead to major positive changes in their cycles.

Mental health

Unfulfilled wishes for children have been linked to emotional sequence such as anger, depression, anxiety, marital difficulties, and social isolation. Infertility causes stigma, a sense of loss, and lowered self-esteem for couples. Yogic and exercise practices play a major role here since one cannot fully concentrate on their daily life practices. Whenever a woman is constantly stressed, her hormones become imbalanced, making promoting mental health awareness vital to achieving her pregnancy goals.

Eco-environmental Aspects

Currently, the environment plays a significant role in all types of fertility problems, the soil is a major source of microbes, when our ancestor's vermicompost vanished our health immediately suffered, and when we stopped reproducing our food organically, and we lost our ability to produce. As we begin to adapt to the fastest lifestyle practices, we lose our natural ability, so not only diet helps here for major changes, but also growing and consuming healthy food matters a lot for infertility.

Genetic aspects

Genetic morphology plays a major role in implantation. Genomic science is a major scientific study, and the base level approach supports this fertility problem. Often, epigenetic is described as the study of heritable changes in gene expression independent of changes in DNA sequence. Diet, lifestyle, and the environment all impact gene expression in various ways. Exercise, physical activity, toxins, and other contributing factors remodel the genome either in a constructive or detrimental way. Because epigenetic changes are reversible and nutrition is one of the many epigenetic regulators that can modify gene expression without altering DNA.


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