What Colors Tell About You!

Posted by Krishna Bora on Mon, May 13, 2013  
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Imagine how our world would be like with no colors in it? There could be one positive thing about it that you wouldn’t have to care about the color of your dress and occasions; it’s either black or white. There is one negative thing that is bound to come with it; the world would become so boring and dull. So let’s thank God for not letting that happen to us. Phew!

We all like experimenting with colors and clothes. What could look good on us on this occasion, on that climate, on this time of the day, etc. etc. But we all give preference to one specific color above anything else. I like black, maybe you like white, or yellow, or red, or let’s say purple. These colors and your favorite color show a lot about your personality. Let’s have a look!

White: Before you even read it, let me tell you one thing. If you are a wild and impulsive kind of a person, then people who love white are the right ones to date or become friends with *giggles*

People who like pure white possess a calm and peaceful personality. But on the other side, they could be really harsh sometimes. People in white are more prone to feelings of desolation.

Red: People who love red are daring and have a fighter spirit. People who like red would work for what they want. They are quite stubborn sometimes, which could be good or bad, depending on the situation. A bad news, people who like red are more prone to high blood pressure. No wonder why my mom is always so angry on me.

Brown: If you like brown, you are a very sober person. There are times when self-doubt could pull you down, so you should try not getting carried away. Those favoring dark brown are more likely to be self-centered and biased. Not true for chocolate lovers though, except me! *giggles*

 Yellow: Those people who like yellow are known for their quickness. But it could also mean that they are hasty. So try being patient and think before jumping into some conclusions. People who prefer dark yellow or mustard color tend to be cynical, complaining and nagging. Ouch!

Green: People who like green are very talented. But they are quite unreliable sometimes. They may get caught up in the moment and get carried away with the emotions and needs of other people and their emotions. Those people who like darker shades of green are prone to extreme possessiveness. Ooooohh!!

Blue: Those people, who like blue, are not sad in their life. Instead, they are very faithful people. Those people who favor darker shades of blue are masters in manipulating people. Now that’s shocking, isn’t it!

Purple: If your favorite color is purple, no matter if you are a guy or a gal, you are supposed to be very artistic individual. Congrats! But you might be considered as a social snob, sometimes. Those people who favor darker shades of purple can be overbearing and very arrogant.

Black: If your favorite color is black, you are an idealist. Just like me! These people can be quite difficult sometimes. Too much black can lead to depression, so try to mix it up with other colors.

Some of you are surprised, I guess. Some of you are yawning at these facts, I suppose. Try seeing it yourself, and if you know more, let me know about it.


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