Ways to Maintain a Safe Healthcare Environment

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All healthcare facilities need to establish measures for infection control. According to Boom! Supplies, such a step create an enabling environment for treatment, prevent the spread of infectious diseases, and reduces mortality resulting from infections.


The following paragraphs discuss sterilization in detail and pinpoint five reasons why it should be an essential routine in every healthcare facility.


Prevents the Spread of Diseases: Although diseases causing organisms such as bacteria cannot be seen with the naked eyes, they are everywhere. You are likely to find more of them in healthcare facilities, such as a dental clinic.  For instance, periodontal disease is caused by bacteria, and it spreads through contact with saliva. Other deadly infectious diseases include HIV, tuberculosis, hepatitis, and the new Coronavirus disease.


Prevent Bacteria from Multiplying:  Microbes are the fastest-growing organisms in existence, and the result of such growth can be lethal if the bacteria can cause diseases. Sterilization would destroy bacteria and prevent them from multiplying. Besides disinfecting the environment, every tool that comes in contact with a sick fellow must be sterilized as well.


Reduces Mortality: Infectious bacteria can cause lethal damages to the body, which could lead to death in healthcare facilities. However, careful sterilization of dental clinics and other healthcare facilities would prevent infections and potential mortality.


Protects the Reputation of Clinics: In the medical world, a little negligence, such as forgetting to sterilize equipment, can have far-reaching effects, including the death of patients. Since bad news spread fast, such an unfortunate event can tarnish the reputation of a healthcare facility. In some cases, it might lead to medical malpractice litigations. So, consistent sterilization could save the reputation of a healthcare practice.


Protects Your Staff: Healthcare professionals and other workers in a clinic are often at risk of contracting diseases from patients. Therefore, consistent sterilization would safeguard the health of caregivers and other workers in a healthcare institution.


How to Safeguard your Practice

The following guidelines would help you safeguard the health of the staff, patients, and visitors in a healthcare facility.


  1. Wash Hands Consistently:  Every staff in a healthcare facility must follow strict handwashing procedures. The policy should include washing hands before and after contact with patients.


  1. Receive Vaccines: It is appropriate that all staff in a healthcare facility receive vaccines for various kinds of infectious diseases. Some of the recommended vaccines include flu, tetanus, pertussis, rubella, Hepatitis B, measles, mumps, and diphtheria.


  1. Disinfect Surfaces: Ensure that various surfaces of the structure and furnishings of the healthcare facility, such as floors, tables, and countertops, are adequately sterilized.


  1. Wear Medical Protective Gears: It is essential to wear protective gear such as gloves, masks, and other relevant clothing when treating patients. Moreover, gloves should be changed and sterilized after attending to each patient.


  1. Keep Accurate Medical Records: Some people are more susceptible to infections than others. That is why it is crucial to have a medical history of staff and patients intact.  Apart from the medical profiles, healthcare staff should ask questions about the diseases that the patient often suffers. Such questions can provide a pointer to the status of the patient’s immune system.


  1. Sterilize Medical Equipment: All the guidelines regarding the sterilization of dental equipment should be followed strictly. It is mandatory to sterilize every tool after use.  Also, advise your patients to adopt sterilization procedures. Toothbrushes and other dental care tools should be cleaned thoroughly after use.




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