Ways By Which Woman Can Feel Really Fulfilled And Happy.

Posted by Nirmala Subramanian on Wed, Jan 27, 2010  
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Women have various roles to be carried on as a wife, daughter, daughter-in-law, mother and a worker. They hardly find time to look after themselves and their various interests. Now the question arises should a woman just be a door mat catering to the wishes of her family and employer or does she have a duty to make herself feel fulfilled and happy. Yes, woman must feel happy and fulfilled and should be creative in finding ways to look after herself.


Women carry the challenging job of managing the needs of all her family members. She has every right to think that she can take some money to satisfy her own personal desires and needs. She need not suffer from deprivation pangs and can do things that personally make her feel happy like getting herself an attire she likes, or going for a show she loves seeing. Her wish could be as small as enjoying a bar of chocolate all alone. So she can periodically say once a month allot some money from the monthly expenses for her own personal need.



In addition women have a right to carry on their hobbies that makes them feel happy and fulfilled. Mostly woman find no time after marriage to pursue hobbies that they love; like knitting, writing, embroidery, cooking and so on. However she should continue to pursue these hobbies and allot time to pursue them. Every woman has a right to spend time on her own self, pursuing her interests and hobbies. Besides, if she has no hobbies she should cultivate some, which she can pursue to make her get a feeling of happiness and fulfillment. These hobbies are sure to provide some relaxation and help her rejuvenate herself to perform better in her other multiple roles.



Most women enjoy group activities and engaging in them proves vital to improve their knowledge and experience. Women could periodically meet to discuss common interests. Ladies clubs and kitties help them to fulfill these needs. There women could discuss common things like cookery, child-care, managing the budget, and so on. They could also engage in common social activities like helping the poor and needy with education needs, educating them about family planning and so on.


In addition having pot lunches in the ladies circle would be great. Pot lunches serve the purpose of eating the dishes, which each woman could prepare well and having a chance to taste a variety of foods. This would also provide the same pleasure as eating out. Women could share their cookery ideas and good cooking tips with one another and feel happy and fulfilled.


Besides, women should make it a point never to buy things because they are on sale. One should buy things that are absolutely necessary and one would use only.  Following this practice would leave woman with sufficient money to buy things they really want. Small amounts saved add up to bigger amounts that can be spent on things we always want. In addition one could barter out things one needs for things one no longer uses or needs. I am sure many women would have such things to barter out. If you love oxidized silver jewelry and your friend has it but does not use, you could barter it from her for fashion jewelry you have but may never and have never used. Yes this would make both of you mutually happy and fulfilled.


Yes, now coming to birthday gifts to your friends: your friend and you could exchange ideas of what each one loves and you could gift each other what one likes. This practice has a dual advantage that you will be getting your friend what she loves and would not waste money on unnecessary gifts. Likewise you would love to get what you want from her.


Yes, never miss upon the rest and calm you require to feel rested and relaxed. Woman should take adequate rest to feel good and strong. Besides every woman has a right to pamper herself with bath salts. Using of henna for a good conditioned and color is also a part of being happy and fulfilled. Taking a leisurely bath with fragrance once a week would also help.


To conclude dear women you have every right to be fulfilled and happy. Do take care of yourself as you from an important component of the family in particular and generally of the society as a whole. 


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