Vapour Couture: When Smoking Goes Electronic

Posted by Krishna Bora on Thu, Jan 17, 2013  
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Ladies, have you been smoking a lot of ciggies lately. Are you addicted to smoking or are you just a casual smoker? Did you know that smoking not just causes lung cancer but also quickens up ageing. Baffled, aren’t you! Smoking is an addiction to some of us and a status symbol for a few. Whatever is the reason, smoking is really bad for your health. But more we restrain ourselves from smoking, more develops that strong urge that pushes us to light another cigarette. And there starts a never ending chain of regrets, resolutions, breaking those resolutions and what not. Accept it, you can throw five hundred reasons to smoke and keep convincing yourself that’s it is alright to smoke since it is easy to quit smoking, but deep inside you know that it is not. But what if you were still able to smoke without any risks and dangers on your health! Surprised? Well there is one way to cut down all that tobacco, tar and smoke we are scared of, as science has innovated Vapour Coutures for your troubles.


Vapour Coutures are electronic cigarettes that come devoid of tobacco, tar and smoke. They are fully battery operated, thin replicas of cigarettes that would add to your style and glamour. Keeping feminine tastes in the mind, these sparkling sticks come bejeweled in different colors and flavours. There is no need to carry lighters and matchboxes with you, as one switch does all the work. They look so stylish that you cant say no to them. Stylish, chic and completely healthy, isn’t that a jackpot?


Vapour Coutures come with other huge benefits too. You can travel in flights and even smoke them while traveling, in public places, food joints, as they don’t smell like the normal cigarettes and others are not at the risk of second-hand smoke. They might be a bit pricey for you, but hello, they are far cheaper than botox and lung cancer treatments. But you might be able to find out some coupons and discounts that will help you buy these e-cigarettes without spending much. God bless the inventor of these babies.


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