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Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Sat, Aug 11, 2012  
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In the race to achieve a successful career, a dazzling social life and a hot body, many of us forget that a harmonious relationship is a vital component of a balanced life. The strong foundation that happy relation can make nothing can actually match up to it.


We are born in a family which we do not choose. It is destiny which decides to which and what sort of parents we are born. It is our sheer luck which decides what kind of lifestyle we are going to lead, what kind of education we are going to receive and again who all be it our cousins or siblings who are going to be our true friends.


We definitely don’t have a choice when family is concerned. But when it comes to choosing our friends, or boyfriend and most importantly our life partner we have a choice. This is the time when life gives you a chance to design your life.


Your relationship with your partner holds the centre stage all your life unless your paths get separated and you break-up with your partner. Whatever be the reason we all dream of a fairy tale romance. It is not easy to have a happy marriage or romance and both in the relationship should work hard towards it. It requires a lot of commitment, understanding, cooperation and a lot of intelligence and mature judgment to decide when it is wise to lose and when it is wise to win.


There are a few points we should remember when we want to take our happy relationship to a higher level of happiness. So keep your egos aside because in a happy relationship there is no place for ego. Does a stinging remark from your husband keeps lingering in your mind for a long time? Do you find it difficult to forgive and forget? Do you make sarcastic comments and plan fights. I also do this very often, but it is wise to put a stop to it. Don’t create useless tensions and sweat over small differences which might affect log term happiness in your relationship. If you wish to argue then resolve the problem and find a solution to it instead of breaking each other’s head.


Be committed t your partner. The first requirement of good relationship is to commit to its strength with all your heart and believe in permanence. After you marry make it a point to remain committed to your partner. Remember that you make your partner’s family and friends are an integral part of your world.


Give unconditional love to your partner. Be honest in the relationship and trust your partner. And from your side it is your duty to earn his trust. And once you have earned it don’t do anything wrong that he loses his trust on you. Shoulder your responsibilities. If you are better in handling money matters take the responsibility and handle it. If you argue with your partner then argue to resolve issues and fix the matter. And above everything believe in the basic values of life like be forgiving, be kind, compassionate and selfless and that is how you can have a healthy relationship which you can cherish throughout your life.



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