Top Ten Tips to Quit Smoking

Posted by Lakshmi Gopal on Sat, Jul 23, 2011  
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Smoking, like any other addiction, is difficult to quit. Many have tried hard to get rid of the habit and not succeeded. So how does one make a start?


Here are top ten tips to help you kick the butt.

Make a list of benefits

When you keep a written list of the benefits of not smoking, you feel more in control of yourself and your resources. Some of these are: saving money, smelling smoke-free, getting a clearer taste of food, and feeling more energetic.


Regular brushing of teeth

When you brush your teeth frequently, maybe thrice a day, you’ll be less inclined to start smoking again and foul your teeth.


Eat small quantities of food and sip water through a straw

When you eat small meals, you naturally avoid the urge to smoke. Also, choose healthy, multi-grained foods and greens to cut down on weight gain (that can be a side-effect of the decision to stop smoking).

Sipping cold water through a straw imitates the act of sucking on that other noxious straw: the cigarette. This is so, because it helps release dopamine, a feel-good brain chemical that eases a negative state of mind.


Do not consume alcohol

It is seen that people who drink alcohol, also smoke habitually. Alcohol breaks down inhibitions and acts as a trigger for smoking.


Discipline yourself: Look for No-Smoking areas

Instead of falling victim to the urge to smoke, drive the menace out of your system by rushing to a movie, the library, or a mall where you cannot smoke.


Physical activity helps

Exercise provides respite from unhealthy desires, be it food or smoking. A healthy, exercised body naturally releases mood elevators. You can take to walking, swimming or a sporting activity that you like.


Plan daily activities

Make sure you have a planned time-table for every day of the week with things to do. Involve family and friends in your endeavors. Keep yourself busy so that the urge to smoke wears thin.


Feeling chewy?

If you can’t resist the temptation of having something in your mouth, use chewing gum, hard candy, or a healthy snack. Be sure to have something with you at all times. People on a diet would do best to stick to sugar-free alternatives.


Social support

Do you know someone who really cares about your aspiration to quit smoking? Do you know of someone who has actually kicked the habit? Such people can help you get through tough times.


Avoid Coffee

Try and avoid that morning cup of coffee to see if it lessens anxiety.


Avoid bad moods

High stress levels, depression, anger, frustration, etc., lead people back into a relapse. Do something that you really enjoy, with friends or without.

If you ever feel like relapsing into your old ways, remind yourself why you quit - why you made the decision to kick the butt. Write down the reasons and display them where you are able to see them – on your fridge, in your car, in the bathroom, etc. That will surely help!


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