Tips for a healthy Diwali!

Posted by Hannah Punitha on Fri, Oct 25, 2013  
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Lot of food, late night sleep,  sounds and smoke-filled air… that’s Diwali for you in India!

Here are some tips to enjoy a wonderful & healthy Diwali!

1. Make smart food choices: Are you partying until late night? Then eat less throughout the day.

Before you move out, have a small healthy snack: choose a fruit salad/ bowl of cut fruits/ soup/ milk or yogurt.This will restrict your binging.


While festivals call for a variety and huge spread, stick to 3-4 of your favourite items and have small portions, so that you don’t end up overeating!

2. Opt for healthier desserts: Make sure you go for healthier sweets like kheer phirni or shrikhand. Milk sweets like sandesh and pedas are known to be relatively healthy.

The best option is to just pop some dates,almonds or raisins for desert. Make healthy choices while eating out too.

3. Drinking water is important: Make sure you have enough water(8-10glasses per day) . One it keeps you hydrated, the other it also keeps you satiated.

4. Say "YES" to healthy snacks! There are plenty of healthy snack options in the market today.Go for baked, roasted, or barbqued options over the deep fried ones.

5. Make a deision to say no to alcohol! Diwali is the right time to decide for a healthy lifestyle.  Sip on some fresh fruit juices or water or a soup or go for a healthy dessert instead of alcohol.

6. Say ‘no’ to artificial sweeteners: Natural sugar or jaggery is the best choice always, specially this Diwali. Studies suggest that Aspartame, an artificial, non-saccharide sugar substitute has been linked to brain tumor and  cancer. Also our bodies do not break


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