Time to listen to your Body

Posted by Lachmi Deb Roy on Wed, Apr 6, 2011  
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Become aware of your body in a very sweet and tender way. It will make your life much easier and healthier. Eat right and exercise daily is the mantra. Listen to what it says through its symptoms and be willing to change to more healing ways.




It needn’t be asthma or heart attack if you are suffering from breathlessness. It is best to consult your doctor. It is a sure case of hyper tension. When you are scared you breathe in excess oxygen and blow out excess carbon dioxide, thus raising the blood’s alkali-level.


The body says:


*Breathe into a paper bag- to re-breathe CO2 and feel normal.


*Learn to relax when tensed and do a little bit of breathing exercise to calm your system.


*Listen to soothing music at bedtime to ensure deep sleep.


*Eat warm, moist, comforting food like dal and rice, porridge or baked banana to raise your calming serotonin-levels.


*Take a peaceful leisure stroll in the park or in the garden.

Open your mind to a larger, loving world. Call up somebody who can lift up your spirit and make you feel happy and wanted. Meditate and concentrate on good thoughts.




If you are having pain in the knee when you are walking, it is again time to take care. The body says it is time to take charge of your body. Lose weight because excess weight causes creaks, inflammation, swelling and pain. Apply balm on the knee and put a hot water bag at bed time. Take Vitamin C and eat a lot of fish because it contains Omega-3 which is good for the bones and eat a lot of flax seeds.


Do a little bit of exercise like stationary cycling and leg lifts, but again do not over strain your self.




Do no exert your self beyond your limits. Fatigue means that you have been overspending your energy. Think positive. Do not think that I am doing a lot of work and I am tired. Think energy. Do a little bit of meditation and spiritual reading. It will help to lift up your spirit and help you to move ahead in life. Eliminate fat from your diet excess fat can make you feel tired. Eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. Drink a lot of water.


Do some thing that makes you feel rejuvenated. Read a book, meditate, practice yoga. Make a little change in your life style like going for a walk in the morning. The early morning walks will give you special energy. Take a cold shower during summers and warm during winters. Switch on your favourite music and take a power nap. Sleep eight hours in the night.


Shed extra kilos because extra weight will make you lethargic. Eliminate sugar because it leads to mood swings, but do not cut down on carbs because it gives you energy. Walk, run swim. Run up and down the stairs it will help you revive your circulation and give you the required energy.


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