Time Management Skills for Kids

Posted by Varsha Sanghavi on Sat, Feb 4, 2012  
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Time waits for no body in life, and would surely not wait for your kids too. Before the kids realize this fact, it is extremely important that we as parents first understand the importance of time.

If we don't plan how we are going to spend our time, we will end up running around from one activity to another without any purpose in life.

If kids are made to realize the importance of time, on time, then, it would help them react proactively to any situation, without getting burnt due to stress, caused by time mismanagement.

 The key to teach your children how to manage their time is to help them to prioritize their schedules.

Help the child decide for himself as to what are the different activities, he does during the whole day, and how much time is dedicated/ actually required to perform   each activity.

These basic steps cited below will help your child manage his /her time efficiently.

  1. Planner: Purchase your child a daily planner. Help him to prioritize his day, according to the child’s needs and importance. The planner will give the children as well as the parents a snap- shot as to what activities are lined up for the entire week. For  e.g. if your child has a project to be completed by the end of the week, the whole week can be divided in such a way that the project is completed before the deadline, by setting aside time  for regular and required scheduled activities.
  2. Set up a schedule: Let everyone in the family be responsible for a particular activity. Clearly define in simple instructions the responsibility/ies which your child would be responsible or accountable for. Emphasize the importance of using a checklist to avoid missing anything important. The responsibility delegated to the child, must be appropriate for the child age and keeping in mind the child’s ability to accomplish it.
  3. Use Deadlines: Use your children's responsibilities as tools for teaching them how to meet deadlines. Give the child a responsibity which he needs to complete over few hrs. or days.Help them chalk out a plan as to how best the activity can be complete within a stipulated time or even before time. Reward points / system can be introduced to encourage the child, to make the responsibility more fun loving. The task given to accomplish must be appropriate for the child age and keeping in mind the child’s interest and ability to accomplish it, as cited even above.
  4. Schedule "outside" time: Help the child to complete the work in such a way that the child has adequate time to spend with friends and family. It is very important to consider the importance of others spending time with us. The child should be encouraged to keep aside some time to interact with the outside world. This would not only help them to improve their social life, but will also help understand time management skills while working in a group.

Teach your child to make the most of their time- even free time!These simple but highly effective steps can help your child manage time, otherwise time will manage them!!!












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