The Why And How of Health Insurance

Posted by Hannah Punitha on Tue, Dec 29, 2009  
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There have been several surveys conducted on the people who do not use the benefit of health insurance. The results show that the individuals think that they cannot afford health insurance for them or their families or that health insurance is not necessary.

It is these people who do not visit a doctor until absolute necessity often in the face of an emergency, in which case there is cash crunch

Also not getting a regular check up from a doctor can prove to be fatal as a disease maybe hidden and not brought to the notice of the individual till it is full blown and too late to treat properly.

In these surveys people also said that they were not able to find a health insurance company who could work out an insurance plan within their budget, they either felt that the premium was too high or alternately if the premium was fine the deductible was unreasonable.

However they don’t know about the many companies whose sole purpose is to simply find an affordable insurance for these people; they apart from working well within your budget also find the perfect and affordable health insurance plan for you that are beneficial to you and/ or your family.

The most important part of getting a health insurance is perhaps deciding what the premium quote is going to be. Normally this is decided by several factors the main being your state of health at the time of getting insured and if it is an individual or family getting insured. For instance, if you are an individual getting insured and you are fairly young with a healthy body with no previous record of major diseases whether hereditary, recurrent etc. Your premium will be considerably lower. However if you have a pre-existing medical condition you will have several options.

Do not assume that if you have a higher deductible it will automatically save you more money as you have to pay less in a month.

If you have a medical condition which would require you to go to a doctor for a regular check up or to get admitted in a hospital easily or require several medications on a daily basis , it would be much better for you to simply pay a higher premium each month with a much lower deductible. Always remember to go through as many as insurance plans before selecting one.


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