Argan Oil and its Benefit

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Argan oil is a one of natural oils. It extracted from the argan tree.Commonly sold as pure oil

Argan improves skin, hair and nails as argan oil Rich in fatty acids and antioxidants, So it is used in cooking, cosmetic and medical Recipe.


Benefits of Argan oil

As it mentioned before it is used for many purposes (skin health-hair care)

In the past he has a wide spread all over the world.


Skin care

Women use argan oil to avoid sun damage for their skin.

As antioxidants that present in argan oil has a activity that protect the skin against free radical damage of the sun as ultraviolet.

So it prevents burns, hyperpigmentation and melanoma.

Also used to treat the acne

The Argan oil has anti-sebum effects which can regulate all the amounts of sebum on the skin of your face. This help you to get rid of all types of acne

Forms of treatment

May be oils or creams

You will apply it on your face directly on the skin twice a day and will make your face clear in short period.

The Argan oil usually used for moisturizes your skin.

So, it enters in the components of all cosmetic (lotions, soaps, and hair conditioners). applied daily for a moisturizing effect.

It is moisturizes the skin as it contains vitamin E which is a fat-soluble vitamin antioxidant that help in water retention in the skin

The Argan oil used as an anti aging treatment.

As it leds to an incredible increase in elasticity of the skin. Which led to an effective anti-aging effect.

You should apply the argan oil directly on your skin, or by taking oral supplement daily, or both.

The argan oil  prevent showing of stretch marks  as it the argan oil improved skin elasticity as we mentioned before . Thus prevent the stretch marks and may treat it.

You should apply the argan oil directly on your skin to the affected area twice times a day. It will be better if you use the argan oil as soon as you think that you have stretch marks on your body.


Hair health

Argan oil is used to improve the hair quality as it preventing the damage of the hair shaft while keeping all the natural pigments or melanin that give the hair its color.

- The Argan oil used to hydrate and soften the hair.

- The argan oil used to increase the elasticity of the hair and provide the shiny appearance for the hair as it contain: vitamin E and essential fatty acids

- The argan oil also used to reduce mechanical stress on your hair as it provides its healthy appearance

- The argan oil also used to improve the moisturization of the hair  as the skin too

 - Some people think that the argan oil responsible for hair loss treatment,  as its proven benefits for hair health . as It contains  Vitamin E and fatty acid which prevent the effect of the free radicals.  This can result in less breakage and shedding.


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