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Posted by Seema Nigar Alvi on Sat, Mar 12, 2011  
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 Behind all human effort lies a hope for success. We formulate plans and strategies, as long as there is presence of the faintest hope of succeeding in our endeavours. This hope generates and guides our energy. Before discussing further let’s understand success. What is success? There is a huge difference in success and fame and the two should not be used as synonyms. Madonna is famous and Helen Keller is successful.

It is aptly stated,” A successful man is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks, others have thrown at him.” There are certain elements which are within us and on which success depends. They comprise physical and mental abilities, the bodily fitness and the soundness of mind. This combination is the basis for achieving success in our tasks. There should be a clear vision of the goal. Divided aims tend to exhaust the life’s energy and make us lose vigor fast. Steadiness and perseverance are also vital qualities for the attainment of success. Perseverance teaches us to be patient and plodding. There is no royal road to success and everything grows at a definite steady pace. To fight with impediments, patience and fortitude are required. We must continue to strive without haste. This is possible if we can hold our soul in patience and proceed steadily and firmly towards the achievement of our objectives.

Life is a bitter struggle and those who are physically unfit cannot fight it. Intelligence is another quality which is essentially required for being successful. Simply being physically fit without intelligence would not carry you far. After all, it is the possession of intelligence that decides who will lead and who are to be led.

The existing world is a place where the age old law of “Survival of The Fittest” is vehemently applicable.  Here fit does not mean physical fitness rather a combination of both physical and mental fitness.  

The next important aspect is our perception. If we think we can achieve a certain goal, we can, and on the contrary if we do not believe so, we never will. It is the state of mind which determines success and failure. We do what we believe in. Having faith in our capabilities, is the most important brick in constructing any successful venture. Diligence and assiduousness are also highly significant pillars for attaining success in life, be it in anything.

Other important elements are honesty, truthfulness, presence of mind, etc. According to me our character is also highly significant in shaping our personality and in turn our perspective towards life .It decides the course of our actions.

Blazing enthusiasm supplemented with good judgment skills and persistence are the pre-requisite for being successful and ultimately famous.



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