Stressful Housewife

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Stress could be defined as a form of anxiety caused due to lack of rest or some situation that puts pressure. Mothers at home are more stressed out than working women. They have help from their husband in household work. The woman works day and night sweeping, washing clothes and dishes, cooking, taking care of the house, cleaning and so on. A working woman has the option to have friends with whom she could relax or share her feeling. But a housewife is always engaged in home work that makes her worn and nobody to help her. Housewife has not much of entertainment or fun. Worst than this, husbands do not encourage their wives.

Reports say that the worst health is experienced by stay-at-home mothers. They are also overweight. This would lead to lot of other complications.

There are ways wherein a housewife can enhance her lifestyle. She could activate the creativity in her. She needs to tap into her potential. She could make use of all her talents which would bring motivation and confidence in her. A woman must learn to laugh at her problems. She could also read jokes or watch TV shows which focus on comedy. She needs to take efforts to maintain good health by eating good and nutritious food. She could also try to contact her past friends and spend time sharing her feelings. She can share her feeling and emotions with her husband.

Everyone should inculcate the truth that we must enjoy whatever assignment is given to us.




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