Stay Safe from Viral Fever This Monsoon-Tips for Prevention

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Monsoon, without a doubt, offers a great respite from scorching hot weather of summer. But it is also a time everyone should exercise extra caution to safeguard themselves against a variety of viral and bacterial illnesses. One of the most common among those ailments is the viral fever which affects people of all ages. Of course with proper medication and bed rest, one can get cured of this problem but as you might know well, "Prevention is always better than Cure".

So, here are a few tips for you to prevent viral fever from attacking you this monsoon.


Cleanliness and hygienic lifestyle is the first step towards preventing viral infections. Wash your hands regularly, change the hand towels you use every day, and maintain clean surroundings, either living or working space. Avoid touching your eyes or nose with your hands unnecessarily.


When you are dehydrated, your immune system is at its most vulnerable and your body is susceptible to illnesses. Ensure that you are adequately hydrated at all time, while at home or outside. Boiled and warm water is always preferable to cold or chilled water.

Eat Fresh and Healthy

Ensure that your diet is comprised of foods that carry healthy nutrients. Avoid eating out, especially at the street-side stalls. Consume only fresh food as much as possible. Stale food, even at home, could be hosting bacteria or virus.

Avoid Crowded Areas

We do not know who's affected with viral infections when we are out. So try to avoid crowded areas as much as possible. Especially those areas which are unhygienic and are more prone to such infections. Also, try to avoid going out in rain unless it is completely unavoidable.

Caution When Dining Out

When you are dining out in a crowded restaurant or at a party, exercise more caution. Ensure that the plates and spoons you are using are well cleaned. Never hesitate to ask the waiter to replace any utensil you use there if you find them unclean. Do not unnecessarily touch any utensils around as they might be contaminated.

Practise Safe Measures

We cannot avoid visiting or taking care of our family members when they are affected with viral fever. To prevent transmission of disease from one person to other, cover your mouth and nose when you are near the infected person and do not touch or handle their things directly. Use a glove or a cloth. Also, ask the infected persons to do the same when they are outside in public.

Rest is Important

Make sure that you are getting at least 7-9 hours of sleep every day. Your body needs that rest to fight off any infections that could attack you. Practising healthy lifestyle and regular routine will ensure that you get adequate sleep.

Get Vaccinated

Vaccination recommended by a physician at a reputed or well-known clinic can help you prevent the viral fevers and serious infections such as flu. Do not self-prescribe medication as it could create side-effects. Consult a physician immediately if you observe any symptoms related to viral fever.


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